I Am Not A Fool

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I Am Not A Fool

By: Hains OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Dakota is repeatedly rejected by a woman until an accident gives him the power to read minds. With that power, he can get what was previously difficult for him. But... what's really going on? Dakota can now even get more than one woman.

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  • Dark Crafter


    Who called you a fool ... don't mind my comment, just replying to your title, lol

    2023-10-21 20:39:44
  • Hains


    the best story for fantasi urban

    2023-10-13 22:22:32
  • Vicente Batacan Joaquin


    Don’t use she or het to Dakota

    2023-10-26 21:50:11
  • Solomon Akinlaja


    hi, nice story but where's the rest of it please ...

    2024-02-23 14:56:41
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148 chapters
Chapter 1
Dakota held out flowers to a woman. "Will you accept me?"The woman's eyes widened perfectly. "What are you doing?" She clenched her hands tightly together, holding back her embarrassment. "This is so embarrassing."Dakota confessed his feelings to a woman he loved in front of a crowd. He had already been rejected by her 100 times. The woman's name was Ghea. Despite the constant rejections, Dakota still didn't want to give up.Everyone watching them laughed. "That crazy guy wants to confess his love to Ghea again? He will definitely get rejected again!""Still won't give up even though he's been rejected repeatedly!" The voices of the other students continued to ring out with laughter, making Ghea feel even more embarrassed.Ghea's friends gently nudged her arm. "Come on, just accept her. He's tried so hard that it doesn't matter that he's confessed his love to you hundreds of times."Laughing, they deliberately teased Ghea. "Yes, Ghea. Just accept it! He's already prepared that beaut
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Chapter 2
Dakota woke up with his eyes widened to perfection. He was breathing heavily. His entire body was drenched with sweat. He cast his eyes around. He was in an all-white room with medical equipment attached all over his body and a monitor screen beside the bed that kept beeping, disturbing the hearing.Dakota looked at the IV tube attached to her right hand. "Ah, where am I? Why am I here?"Dakota looked around once more. Then he was surprised by the arrival of a female nurse who walked into Dakota's room with a friendly smile. "Thank goodness. Apparently you've regained consciousness."Something made Dakota's forehead immediately wrinkled in confusion when the nurse spoke calmly like nothing happened at all, but strangely she could hear the nurse's voice. In fact, the nurse was not talking.It was lazy to serve a poor man like this patient. He is not a rich man.Dakota shook his head while blinking his eyes several times because he felt something was wrong with his senses of hearing and
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Chapter 3
The doctor's face instantly changed. He released his embrace on his wife. "One moment." He approaches Dakota. "Can you wait in yout room?"Dakota looked at the doctor named Loewi intently. "Why not stay here, Doctor? Are you afraid of your wife finding out you're cheating on her?"Loewi's brow furrowed. He didn't understand why his patient would say that. Loewi was still calm in front of his wife. "What do you mean?"The woman named Olive beside Loewi also frowned, feeling strange about their quiet conversation. "Why, is there something going on?"Leowi smiled kindly, hiding his surprise at what Dakota had said. "Yes, this patient needs my help." He looked back at Dakota. "You can wait for me in the room, sir. I'll be right there with you."Dakota smiled, then whispered to Loewi. "I know that you are having an affair with a nurse here."Loewi is getting a strange feeling from Dakota. He holds Dakota's hand while speaking in a low tone of voice. "Let's talk about this in my office, sir
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Chapter 4
Dakota smiled happily now that he was out of the hospital. Loewi agrees to pay for Dakota's treatment costs of 1,200 dollars, on the condition that Dakota must keep their secret. Dakota didn't even know what their video recordings were. Dakota walked slowly with stiff footsteps. He was thinking about something.It turns out that utilizing other people's fear can be very profitable for me.Dakota exhaled his breath with relief. "With a great ability like this, I can do anything."Suddenly, Dakota remembered Ghea, who had rejected him hundreds of times, and Bruno, who had humiliated him in front of many people. The look on his face instantly turned into anger. Their treatment last time to hi,, had really gone too far.Dakota clenched his hands tightly while imagining Ghea and Bruno's faces at that time. "I will repay what they have done. I'll teach them the saddest lesson they've never felt before!"His chest felt even hotter when the faces of the people who laughed at him at that time
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Chapter 5
Jay widened his eyes perfectly as he stroked his red cheeks, aching with throbbing pain. He looked at Anna with an incredulous look in his eyes. "Why did you slap me, Anna? Do you believe a word this man says?"Anna stared intently at Jay. "I already knew that all along, you wanted my property, but I didn't think that you were planning to do such a terrible thing to me. And I, for one, don't like men who cheat on me!"Jay was shocked. He shook his head. "That's not true, Anna. I mean it to you. We already have plans to get married. Don't you remember any of that?""Shut up!" Anna pointed her index finger in Jay's face. "I don't want to have a husband like you. You're a very bad candidate for me! I don't want to see you again!"Jay tried to grab Anna's hand, begging her not to part. "Please, Anna. We can't split up!"My wish wasn't significant. I just want a man who can understand and accept me for who I am regardless of my possessions, but that's very difficult...Dakota could hear An
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Chapter 6
Anna chuckled with a flushed face. "Never mind, you're praising me too much. I'm not that pretty."Dakota smiled in response. They chatted casually, just flowing for several tens of minutes. It wasn't uncommon for her to laugh. Anna felt very happy and comfortable talking to Dakota. It was different when talking to Jay, who often made her talk to herself because Jay was more focused on playing on cell phones in front of her.Anna watched Dakota with a slightly furrowed brow. "Ah, I had forgotten. How did you find out about Jay planning that bad thing for me? I didn't even know about it myself."Dakota, who was drinking, became silent and then smiled slightly. "You don't need to know that."Anna nodded her head. "Yes, you're right. I don't need to know that." She sipped her drink with her eyes, not leaving Dakota. "I'm glad I got to meet and talk to a man like you, Dakota. You can understand how I am."Dakota responded to Anna's words calmly. "I'm glad that our meeting made a good impr
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Chapter 7
Of course, that didn't make Ghea and Bruno believe Anna's words. They laughed until Anna frowned, confused. Dakota watched the two people before him with cold eyes, not moving at all.Ghea wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes because she was laughing too much. "Are you kidding me? That's impossible."Bruno chuckled and shook his head. "No need to make up stories. You think we'll believe those lies?" He glanced at Anna with a condescending look. "You must have been asked to pretend to be his girlfriend, huh? What a pity!"Anna frowned. She had a hard look on her face. "No, no, no. We are dating. Dakota is my girlfriend."Even though they weren't actually dating, Anna would have done the same thing Dakota did earlier for her to break up with Jay.Bruno raised both eyebrows with a great look on his face. "What reward did this man give you? A lowly man like Dakota would do anything to get his way. He's an imposter! We warned you to stay away from this man!"Ghea tilted her head sli
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Chapter 8
After leaving Bruno and Ghea, Anna continued to chuckle as she drove, remembering the faces of the two people who looked surprised that Anna was richer than Bruno. She glanced back at Dakota. "Did you see how surprised their faces were? It was so funny."Dakota smiled in response to Anna's words. She didn't expect that a seemingly shy woman like Anna could do such a brave thing. "It turns out you're brave enough to fight them too."Anna smiled, watched Dakota for a moment, then focused back on looking straight ahead. "That's because of you. You helped me first. Thank you, Dakota."Dakota nodded her head in response to Anna's thanks. "Now we're even. You don't have to treat me anymore."Anna immediately turned to Dakota with a severe look in her eyes. She shook her head, disagreeing with the man's words. "I can't. I've promised to treat you better than today, Dakota. And you can't refuse it."Dakota nodded with a chuckle. "Okay."Although she refused on her lips, she was pleased in her
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Chapter 09
The security guard grabbed Dakota's arm. "Come on, you'd better follow me out of here!""Let go. I told you, I came with Anna." Dakota tried his best to remain silent, even though the security guard was equally trying to drag Dakota's body away from there.All the employees were laughing at Dakota. Dominic was again rude to Dakota by pushing the man's body. "Don't make up stories. We as employees here have never come together with Miss Anna. Are you dreaming in broad daylight like this? You're crazy!"Another woman shook her head while chuckling in annoyance. After all, everyone here knew that not just anyone could get close to Anna. "You'd better get out of here now before we call the manager to kick you out because if Manager Robin intervenes, you'll be sent straight to jail!"Dominic chuckled. He actually felt satisfied hearing that. "Let him go to jail. I'm sure, he must be a poor person with no home." He folded his arms across his chest. "A poor person like him deserves to live i
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Chapter 10
Everyone there was shocked to hear Anna's story. How could a messy-looking man like Dakota be Anna's lover? They all looked at each other. Their heads were all in the same place, wondering what was happening.The one who could least accept this was Dominic. He approached Anna boldly. "Excuse me, are you kidding me? How could a man like him be your lover?"Anna gave Dominic a sharp look, even sharper than before. "Watch your language. What's wrong with him? I won't forgive anyone who insulted him earlier, including you, Dominic." Anna held Dakota's wrist as she gave the man a deep look. "Come on, let's get out of here."They all fell silent, feeling bad for Anna. Because this was also very surprising for all of them. They thought that Anna's lover was a man from a respected family and was very rich like Anna, but in fact, it was a shabby-looking man like Dakota. However, they also couldn't deny that Anna had said it herself. Anna led Dakota out of the lobby, regardless of the confused
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