Chapter 10 (part 8)

Growling at the emotion that rose in him, he approached the edge of the collapsed floor and strategically poised himself on the opposite wall when Trust saw that the creature was now reacting to going inward, in the halls of the hospital when it spotted running people who escaped the debris of the floor. They were a handful that staggered when the creature deliberately mocked them by nipping on their legs. However, its ploy to continue playing with its prey stayed when Trust, from behind, pulled his hind leg.

Locking Trust's hoofed hand to resemble a spear, he pierced the hind leg that he pulled but only managed to graze and destroy the floor below it when the other creature pulled away in time with such force it also dragged Trust hand. Pulled forward, he only avoided hitting the ground or even the incoming tail of the creature when Trust swerved his own body in an awkward angle and made a strain to reach for the base of its tail.

He managed to stab a part of its tail

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