Chapter 36 (part 1)

Chapter 36

Amber liquid swirled on a petri dish on Dr. Akyls makeshift side table, a metal stool that was repurposed as a drawer table for her bedside. The newer residential rooms of Northwoods were opened recently and she’s been given the privilege to own one for herself, the same way as any other head of teams and Reina.

Reina was the exception to this because she has her own office that could fit three king-size beds, but she instead fit a folding sofa bed, making her room fit with all the furnishing of an office living room built with hidden pockets of utensils for a house. On the side of her lodging, there’s nothing to comment on since Akyl’s used to living on her own, away from her family.

What matters now is not the visible comfort she’s been wanting to find herself in, but rather the need for courage to face the impending decision and actions they are about to face. Since she read Reina and Prof. Tenorio’s email about the project they plan to do O-Ult (Oponer-Ult), she’s begun
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