Side Story: Machinaions of Memories (part 2)

Opening the metal doors in sector H level ten to let the maintenance team enter for the annual is the least appealing job Mirror was given by the current “one rule.” Surrounded by fumes and warmth amidst high-end air conditioning, every unit that towered Mirror exuded boring lights as it processed different kinds of programs and applications that monitored the entirety of the city. Just this whole floor that consisted of side-by-side black blocks of artificial intelligence computing every step necessary to the future of F-city, is a cesspool of non-living slaves.

There was never a doubt Mirror considered every entity within these black blocks as individuals fit within their limits of robotic calculations for the actions they considered as important, but the human’s built this system to rely upon, like them as androids that should serve or must if permitted. Though, compared to Mirror’s existence with a fitting leeway for their act

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