Lesson 85 A Good Student Now

Five minutes passed before they got the guts to come closer to the Axe Arm Mantis, which lay in the Tolly’s Super Wrap Trap motionless.

After confirming it was dead, Jason, Carl, and Justin all heaved a relieving sigh.

“It’s time to pay me, Justin,” Tolly smirked at him.

Justin didn’t talk back this time. He kept silent because there was no reason for him to troll Tolly again. He was even starting to admire him at the bottom of his heart. After all, Tolly, who had been the worst student in the Wesilver school, now killed one of the most dangerous beasts in the first hunting ground right before them.

Therefore, he quickly took out twenty low-grade feather coins from his pocket and handed them to Tolly without any hesitation.

“Here you are, Tolly,” said Justin while forcing a smile on his face, “You’ve never expected you’re so powerful now. Could you please share with us your experience about how to cultivate better?”

Justin also gave him a thumbs-up at the same time.

“You’re my Shifu,
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