Supreme Son In Law

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Supreme Son In Law

By: Hains Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Dustin is a hindrance to the Grayson family. He is not considered and is always looked down upon like trash. Until the past he left behind comes to him and asks him to become a great lord. With his wealth and power, Dustin will make those who insult him pay bitterly.


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44 chapters
Chapter 1
Dustin looked in the mirror, contemplating himself. Meanwhile, the woman in the red dress behind him stared flatly. Karina Grayson, the woman who had been Dustin's wife for two years, chuckled in annoyance. "Are you seriously going to wear something like that? Do you want to embarrass my family in front of all the Graysons?" Karina nudged Dustin's arm roughly, then grabbed something from the closet."Wear this!" Karina unsympathetically threw the black tuxedo at Dustin's face. With a slender body, long legs, and fair skin, it was no wonder she was the envy of the young masters in the city of Antaham, the second largest country in Ebrana.Countless people had tried to propose to Karina, but reality brought her into an unwanted relationship. Trapped in marriage by her grandfather, Louis Grayson. Unfortunately, Karina had to marry a simple man who was unemployed and had nothing. Despite two years of marriage, Karina has never once received a gift from Dustin, and the marriage is only
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Chapter 2
"How dare a lowly human as you insult me, trash. Do you have the world at your feet, huh?" Harry's eyes stared fiercely. The man he was staring at, however, looked ordinary. Karina removed Harry's hand from Dustin's collar. "Already, don't take it to heart. You're more than everything, Harry." Karina said that with no other intentions, just to make Harry's anger at least diminish a little. She was already too embarrassed with Dustin in front of everyone. She didn't want to be even more embarrassed because Dustin and Harry were fighting like this. Harry fixed his slightly wrinkled clothes. Meanwhile, Karina pulled Dustin's arm away from Harry. "You go home first." "The show isn't over yet." Karina let out a long sigh. "There's no need to wait until it's over. You'll just embarrass my family even more." "Yes, you're right, Karina. He shouldn't have forced himself to come here. Soiling our neighborhood," Daniel said. The atmosphere was heating up, making Dustin's chest feel tight
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Chapter 3
The evening meeting ended with dinner together at a long, luxurious table. They looked happy, but not Karina's family. The face that was already too embarrassed could only bow its head. "I'm embarrassed!" said Eri after they got into the car. Their vehicle was less pleasant and luxurious than the other Grayson family members. Arguably, it was the ugliest among the rest. Even though their family was well-respected in the city, they were still the most backward part of the Grayson family. Arriving home, Eri tossed her bag carelessly. She ruffled at the waist. The glint in her eyes indicated that she was still furious. "Where's that useless dust? I have to teach him a lesson!" Jake's voice boomed. "Looks like he's still on the road. he came home on foot because he had no money." Karina told it like it was. "You bastard! That husband of yours crossed my face in front of everyone! My pride is at stake," Jake snapped. He kicked the innocent sofa to his right. Karina massaged her fore
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Chapter 4
Dustin just smiled. Even though he knew it belonged to his family, he remained tight-lipped and kept his true identity a secret. "Yes, that necklace suits you, Karina. You're getting prettier." Dustin ignored Eri's words and preferred to focus on Karina's growing beauty. Hearing a compliment from Dustin for the first time made Karina misbehave. She smiled, trying to hide her heated cheeks.Not out of love, but what woman wouldn't smile when complimented on her beauty by a man? Karina removed the necklace because she was not used to wearing fancy jewelry. "Why did you take it off?" Eri was inflamed. "It's uncomfortable. It's too heavy, and I feel uncomfortable wearing it." Karina put the necklace back into the box. "You're a fool not to want to wear it. It's a gift from Harry. You should cherish it." "No, Mother. Keep it." Karina gave the box into Eri's hands. Just then, there was a knock on the door of the house, which was open. They were all surprised to see an uninvited guest
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Chapter 5
Jake rubbed his face roughly. "At this rate, what will happen to our family? Just a few minutes ago, I was happy that we would get a rich son-in-law." Eri massaged her nape and temples together, then remembered something. "The necklace!Eri looked at the gift she thought was from Harry. She picked up the jewelry box and hugged it. "Don't let this gift be taken away again." Jake shook his head. "Take it easy, and I'll block Harry from trying to take it back." Eri nodded quickly. "Yes, that you must do. This is our most precious family treasure. Don't let him take it. It's already ours." "He won't, Mom. He won't take it. The gift is not from him." Dustin suddenly commented on his mother-in-law's anxiety. Eri looked down at Dustin. "You're such a smart ass. You're an arrogant ass. What do you know? Don't be a smartass. Better put your brain to work." "Who is this gift from if not him? From God? God has abandoned this family since my daughter married you, damn it!" Jake was inflamed
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Chapter 6
The other salesgirl laughed. "How can you afford to buy fancy clothes here? Even at a street-side shop, I don't think someone like you could buy a single shirt." "That's right. Just look at his clothes. He looks like a bum." another employee insulted. Dustin was particularly annoyed when the salesman pinched the hem of his shirt like he was grasping dirt. "It stinks!" "I'll buy everything in this store," Dustin replied. Suddenly, all the servers in the store burst into laughter. From any angle, Dustin's appearance was inappropriate for entering the store. Let alone want to buy all the goods there? "Are you kidding me? Are you a drunk lunatic? Already, get out of here. We don't serve crazy people like you!" One of the salesmen pushed Dustin's body to leave, but Dustin persisted. "Oh, you don't want to leave here?" "Security!" called a salesgirl. The security at the front approached them. "What's wrong?" The salesman pushed Dustin's body hard. "Get this lowlife out of here. It
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Chapter 7
The manager looked incredulous at Dustin's appearance of having a black card. However, seeing that the card Dustin was holding looked genuine, made him afraid it was real. "There has never been a fake black card before. Does that shabby man have it?" That was the content inside the manager's head, who was also scared. Dustin extended his hand, and the manager respectfully took Dustin's black card. Looking from all sides and observing, the manager seemed confused and surprised. How could a man who looked like a bum in front of him have a card like this? The male and female sales looked at each other with Dustin's condescending gaze. "My guess is right that the card is fake and can't be used. What a shameless lowlife!" "That's it, just kick him out of here. Shame on you!" "Shut up, damn it!" the manager snapped at the salesgirls. Suddenly, they fell silent. The manager was now getting scared because he knew Dustin had real cards. His hands were shaking because the servers had offe
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Chapter 8
Upon arriving home, Dustin heard a familiar female voice. Eating sounded like a loud laugh. From afar, he already knew who the woman was inside.Dustin stepped into the living room, and it turned out that his guess was correct. There was indeed a woman he knew, and it was Vera, Karina's best friend.Dustin also saw many paper bags in the store's name containing the luxury goods he had bought earlier. Some luxury clothes were already on the sofa.Dustin smiled as he approached Karina. "All the items are beautiful. Vera's eyes narrowed. "Haven't you ever seen luxury goods? These are all gifts from men who like Karina!""Maybe all these gifts were given by Justin. He's been after you for years, Karina." Vera looked convinced.Dustin grinned. "That guy couldn't have bought them.""All this expensive stuff was never given to you by the man who says he's your husband. What a piece of shit!""Isn't he ashamed of being such an embarrassing man? Even he's just living off of you," Vera insulte
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chapter 9
"Ah, it's you!" The man was Steve, a member of the Grayson family—Karina's cousin who often looked down on Dustin. "Are you looking for a job?" he asked mockingly. Dustin only responded with a nod of his head.Steve noticed Dustin's appearance. "With wet clothes like that? You look more like a beggar!"Steve laughed at his own words. "You're an idiot. No one will take you in."Dustin remained silent. Steve continued to watch Dustin's appearance, and then an idea popped into his head."I can get you a job," Steve spoke arrogantly.Dustin frowned. "What job?"Steve spoke while folding his arms. "Being poor, uneducated, and looking like a sewer rat, your best job is cleaning toilets."Steve laughed out loud as if his words were a funny joke.Dustin let out a long sigh. "I was expecting this. I knew you just wanted to make fun of me.""What did you expect, stupid? You're useless!" mocked Steve.Dustin shook his head and brushed past Steve because he felt there was no point in talking to
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chaptwe 10
Lewis had been curious all along. He watched Dustin for a moment as he continued to drive. "Why didn't you tell him your true identity?"The question had been nagging at the back of Lewis' mind for a while, but he only dared to say it respectfully and cautiously for fear of offending Dustin.Dustin gave Lewis a glance with a faint smile. "I don't want my name to be a burden." Then he turned his gaze back to stare out the window.Lewis frowned. He didn't understand what Dustin meant by his name being a burden. "Why would you think that? Your name is not a burden. People will respect you more and won't insult you as Steve did earlier."Dustin smiled slightly. "Precisely because of that, I can't reveal my identity because it's a burden."Dustin stared straight ahead as memories of his past suddenly flashed back. "When I was a kid, everyone changed after discovering who I was. They suddenly became too nice to me, so it felt like a poison killing me daily."Lewis understood exactly how Dus
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