Post battle calmness (2)
Tejasv, after a momentary contemplation in his head, blurted out while scrutinising the robed duo. He said, "What is it, now, about that strange behaviour of the spider?"

The robed duo stood silently and shook their heads without any word from their mouth. The one with the manly voice stepped up and conversed, "Not here!" He hinted about the surroundings and resumed, "This place is too open for us to talk about anything!"

Tejasv’s eyes widen, and a taunting smirk gradually creeps onto his face. He realised the robed duo were wary of the snipers, whom they presumed to be guarding the safety of Tejasv and Daemon from somewhere hidden around the area.

Tejasv, on the other hand, remained silent and only glanced at Daemon; both of them understood the robed duo's intentions and concerns. Because Tejasv and Daemon might kill both of the robed men once they have the information they require, they wanted to relocate to a safe and well-known location.

Aside from these concerns, Tejasv also saw t
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