ODD EYE CIRCLE : Beginning of The Tyr God's Syndrome

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ODD EYE CIRCLE : Beginning of The Tyr God's Syndrome

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Abandoned, unwanted, Theodore has moved places since he was born. He is considered a monster because he has eyes that are different colors from each other. This starts from 3,000 years ago, an event occurred that would change history. The Earth is about to experience an apocalypse when a meteor shower hits. The cause was a collision between two giant meteors in space, adjacent to the Earth's orbital line. Almost 50% of living things on Earth died. But it was not the only impact of the meteor shower of the time. Anyone who can survive will have tremendous strength. The power of the so-called Odd Eye or another name for Tyr Gods Syndrome. Each owner of this power can manipulate human brains to kill each other, or something that normal humans cannot think of. And anyone with Tyr Gods Syndrome has a characteristic, which is that their two eyeballs have different colours. That is what distinguishes them from ordinary people. Then someone tried to manipulate his power to rule the world. Can Theodore fight the villain? He's a fifteen-year-old boy defeating evil in the world?

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Three thousand years ago, an event occurred that would change history. The Earth is about to experience an apocalypse when a meteor shower hits. The cause was a collision between two giant meteors in space adjacent to the Earth’s orbital line. Almost 80% of living things on Earth died. But it was not the only impact of the meteor shower of the time. Anyone who can survive will have tremendous strength. The power of the so-called Odd Eye Circle (OEC) or another name for Tyr Gods Syndrome. Each owner of this power can manipulate human brains to kill each other or something that normal humans cannot think of. Anyone with an Odd Eye Circle has a characteristic: their two eyeballs have different colors. That is what distinguishes them from ordinary people.Tears filled the entire room. The nurse immediately cleans the innocent baby, who is full of blood. Soon, a man appeared in the delivery room.“How are my wife and son?”“Your son is safe, Sir...” The nurse stopped her speech as doubt cl
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BRUUK!Theo’s body was kicked hard by one of the boys until his back hit a tree. Theo grimaced. His back was hot and sore at the same time. His body hit the tree trunk so hard that Theo felt that part of his back was broken. With the energy still left, Theo tried to get up while holding on to the tree trunk.“Tie him up! Don’t let the monster loose!” said Wyatt, the boy who kicked Theo.The other boy quickly picked up Theo’s body. One of them carried a rope used to tie Theo’s body to a tree trunk. Theo can no longer escape or avoid the ball kick that leads to him. He practically incarnated into a shooting target.Wyatt now grabbed the football and put it with Theo’s body one way. He is alert for a while, takes a run-up so that his shot does not miss, and has excellent strength. “Hahaha! I’ll finish you, ugly monster!” Along with the shout, Wyatt put his foot on the ball instantly, making the ball bounce at high speed and hit Theo’s solar plexus.“COUGH!”“Yeah! Nice shot!” shouted Wya
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One year laterThe night is not the end of the day. Quite the opposite. The setting sun is a sign that another new life is about to begin. Life isn’t warmer during the day. A whole life of cruel cruelty. It sounds dangerous, but it’s the real meaning of life. It’s as if nature as a living being is tested when surviving in this cruel world.“Hey! Fight him!”“Kill that red half-eye!”“No, surely the one who wins is the odd eye!”“I bet fifty bucks if the Reds win.”“I bet you one hundred bucks if that red-eye dies!”The crowd’s cheers at that time were increasingly thundering around the arena with two figures in the middle. One was a red half-eye boy whose face was already too battered. His shoulders went up and down due to irregular breathing. The boy was none other than Theodore. The boy who escaped from the orphanage now has to go through a cruel, actual life full of suffering. He has to be a street fighter to eat. No matter how much his body hurts, he doesn’t care. Because this is
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Teeeng! When the bell rang, two people rushed directly at each other. They hit each other, and they want to knock each other out. Or just one of the most ambitious men to hit. Because it turns out Theodore looks more limp than usual. He also cannot move steadily and tends to falter. His face was pale with dull black eyes. Moreover, his scars still adorn his face. He looks like a Walking Dead Man. BUUGH! BUGGHH!Blow after blow floated across his face. Instantly making Theodore falter and fall to cross the boundary line. Everyone cheered on the victory of the other wrestlers. Some cursed Theo for losing. They don’t care about the helplessness, Theo.Theo knows he won’t get paid for losing the match, so he can only walk out hard. Theo felt pain all over his body; the wounds from the previous match were still not healed, and he had no money for treatment. All he had was a piece of bread left over two days ago. Not knowing if it was still edible, Theo had no choice but to eat it or fai
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The backyard of the orphanage building was filled with boys who were enjoying playing soccer while laughing. They all seem to be enjoying the game. As if they were very far from the cruelty of the world. As if the color of their eyes was not a sign of danger at all.Theo watched silently behind the window of his room. His gaze glanced far out there while his mind was out of place. His little fingers trembled as he watched how the soccer ball was being kicked around by the kids out there. It was like a whip that reminded him of the dark memories of when he was still in his old orphanage. A place he initially thought of as home but found to be nothing more than a hell full of torment.When his body becomes the target of a kick by a soccer ball. Until he almost died because his neck was injured.Theo spontaneously stroked a very noticeable scar on the surface of his neck. It's been a while. The wound has also dried up. But, Theo still clearly remembers the pain he felt. Also how the bodi
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The statement from Jared received ridicule from the boys in the middle of the field. It practically provokes Jared’s emotions and eventually makes him chase one by one of his friends.Theo watched from the side-lines. Although it seemed to make fun of them, but he felt that the boys had no evil intentions at all. They're just really playing with each other. And, it was a rare sight Theo had ever seen in his entire life.“Excuse me...”One word from Theo instantly got the attention of the rest of the boys there. They simultaneously turned to Theo without daring to interrupt until Theo continued his speech.Theo stared at one by one of them and gulped his saliva roughly. “Can I play with you guys?”Quiet for a moment. Theo was worried. Then another surprise attacked him.“Oh my gosh... You don't have to ask permission to play with us!” One of the boys grabbed Theo’s shoulder tightly and was followed by the others.“That's right! Play with us!”Theo felt incredible happiness for the firs
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The first class hour is underway. Before that, Theo Awards an affectionate punch to Jared for deceiving him that they were late when they weren't. Jared just laughed afterward.There were fifteen students in the class including Theo and Jared. They sat individually and since Theodore was a new student, he was placed in the last seat. Coincidentally in front of him was Jared's seat. Theo could take revenge if he wanted to but he enjoyed today's lesson so much. Today's class is about how to control the power of thought."Know that the human mind is very complex,” says the teacher – Prof. Abraham. He was an African–American man with half-bald hair and all of his hair almost gray. He was wise enough to teach. “The human brain is composed of many nerves with diverse patterns. Like a giant, scaled-down maze. To enter the human mind is to enter the labyrinth. Even the owner of the body is often lost in their minds. And how can we control someone's mind if we find it so difficult to understan
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Jared goes into Theo's room after knocking him first. Jared no longer wears a uniform but a black long-sleeved T-shirt with a number 07 on his back. He held a thick book in his hand.“Why haven't you changed your clothes?" Jared asked seeing Theo still in uniform this morning. “Change into the clothes in that closet.”Somewhat dazed, Theo opens the closet and finds some new clothes hanging there. His face glowed cheerfully. Then he chooses an outfit that catches his eye. A jacket with the image of an owl."Well, now we will talk about the rules in this school as well as in this dormitory.”There are many written rules, and Jared explains them carefully.06.0 – 07.30 Wake up and run the field for over an hour.07.45-08.30 bath and breakfast.08.45: following the lesson.12.00: lunch.12.30: following the second lesson.17.00: finish the lesson and students are free to do personal activities.19.00: dinner.21.00: bedtime.- All students are required to follow the stated schedule. Truan
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"As a child, I accidentally fell and scratched the fence,” Theo replied, touching the wound on his neck.Jared grimaced. “That must so hurt.”“I don't remember because I fainted immediately.”“You're tough boys! You must be the Chosen One!”"Stop calling me the Chosen One.”They spent dinner chatting occasionally. Theo remembers that they should not bring this food into the room, so he increases the portion of food and finishes it quickly before dinner time runs out.When he arrived at the room, Theo was very bored because he was not sleepy yet, and he was not allowed to meet anyone. A dormitory supervisor was walking down the Hall, checking on anyone who dared to go out at the Forbidden time. Theo didn't want to get punished when he was very new here. And he still didn't have a book to read while he waited for sleepiness to come. Theo opened the bedroom window. The permanent windows that cannot be opened do not even have a balcony. But it was enough for him to see the scenery outside
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After the end of classes, Theodore again secretly brought a book about dreams. He went into the bathroom so that no one else could see him. Even Theo didn’t tell Jared this. He opened the first sheet.When the universe was first created, they were nothing but formed from tiny particles called atoms. The particles are so small that the ordinary eye cannot see them. But they are there. Those little things will never die from the beginning of created life until the apocalypse. It also affects humans. Atomic particles form man from the outer shell to the innermost nuclei of the brain. Each atom has a solid attachment to each other. The atoms in the innermost core of the head often help humans solve problems. Something called Instinct. The atoms that live in our heads are amplified by the energy emanating from meteors that fell thousands of years ago. Atoms often try to help us solve problems that we are unaware of. It can be through a dream or an event called Deja Vu.“Does this make sens
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