Post battle calmness

In the end, Daemon finally ended the misery of the spider with his wild and broad muscles. He gradually stood back on his feet and relaxed his breathing while calming his drained state from this sudden, extensive labour.

Then he looked to the front and saw Tejasv standing there with a slight distance and a wide gaze fixed on him. Tejasv was peering at him, while the former responded similarly and paused in those moments.

Tejasv even had his eyes slightly wet from the last state he remembered Daemon lying before him. He appeared to be dying at any moment because the spider was about to go into a complete frenzy to eliminate him.

However, his friend appeared in front of him after counter-eliminating the monster in a frenzy for him. Daemon also had similar feelings leaking from his eyes because he knew what he experienced, and Tejasv just saved him in the nick of time.

Both had enough to say, but not even a word was coming out of their mouths. Tejasv and Daemon both nod and step towards
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