Money System Creator

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Money System Creator

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He will not settle with just being the King of the System but he wanted more! He wanted to become the creator of it! And to start he needs to spend more to become richer, but what if spending millions has become the hardest task ever? This is the story of Henley Austen and his newfound money system. Transferring from one foster home to another, Henley Austen was a survivor of an abusive home. He barely got to school. At a young age, he learned to live on his own, toiled, and worked hard to have something to eat. And what's even crueler is that Henley lived in a world where people of status like him are greatly despised ever since the proclamation of the Red Tape Letter which segregates the rich and poor. Like the usual commoner, it has been Henley's dream to settle in the Elite City for being able to live there was like becoming a new person. If he'll become a resident there, his girlfriend will get back to him, he'll earn people's respect, and he won't be bullied anymore, but unless he became rich, he'll forever be stuck in the mud. He's not giving up, he'll fight hell to make his way to the top. But how? One day he woke up having 100 million dollars in his bank which he needed to spend in just 3 days! He found out that the more he spends the richer he become. It was like he found a golden goose hatching limitless wealth! It was fun! It was thrilling, but where will this newfound system take him?

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24 chapters
Henley's voice echoed amidst the hallway. His world seemed to stop turning as he keep pushing the wheeled stretcher where her foster grandma was lying in agony. There's not even a medical attendant who helped them get to the emergency ward. The service of this hospital for commoners sucks! Thuding, he pushed the stretcher as fast as he could until the entrance of the emergency room was near to the sight. He felt a bit of relief when a medical attendant came to meet them. He asks him what happened. Henley told them that his grandma suddenly fainted, and aside from that she usually has pre-existing medical conditions. The medical attendant called the doctor on duty, and as the bed curtain closes, Henley's heart was pounding anxiously. He's worried big time about his grandma. She's the only family he has. Among all the foster parents he has had, Grandma was the only one who showed him love, and who really took care of him. He can't lose her! No! Henley Austen, he doesn't even know if th
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The Purge - State Of The Nation
"Red Coast, this country of ours needs an extensive purge!" This was the opening of the President's speech years later after his election. Keres Wiscon stood proud and immovable amidst the crowd gathered in the country's largest square. Today was his State of the Nation address, and today was the beginning of the drastic change in the lives of the people on the Red Coast. The entire podium was silent when in the middle of his speech, the President's assistant was asked to come handing a red gold box, and when the President opened it, the audience wait in anticipation as they saw a piece of paper being pulled out from it. After a while, it was flashed on the huge screen projector, there the entire country knows what was it, as the President pronounced -- The Red Tape Letter. That's it, it was a letter that was even more important than his speech at the moment. The letter that's even more powerful than the country's constitution. For in that letter written in red, was a new law reveal
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I Just Pity You
He has so much trust in Naomi's love for him. Naomi accepted him despite that he was a commoner. She's from the Elite City. He's from the bottom. He couldn't forget that dreamy eyes he saw one time right at the moment he need of saving. If not for Naomi he could have been killed in the mine camp. Drex, Naomi's brother always picked on him. Drex always made sure he'll have a difficult work life in the mining camp. "Hey! You are filthy! you do this!" Drex never had called him in his name. He always assigned him a dangerous task in the mine like underground drilling, or with explosives, like blasting or moving the ore. Though it's still difficult, he'll be thankful if he's assigned to the breaking rocks operation. For Drex and the rest and the likes of him, Henley's life isn't valuable. They don't care if he'll die down there, a commoner like him always gets the lowliest and most dangerous job. For Henley, this work life of his is nothing compared to what he had when he was a kid. Un
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Just One Shot
He was jobless. He was brokenhearted. And his grandmother was in the hospital. Perhaps there could be no more f** up life as his. The next few days, Naomi's wedding news was everywhere. The Krux family takes pride in it. He even heard Mr Krux announcing over television that her daughter's wedding is going to be the grandest of the year. Henley turned to the window to not hear the tv in the end. He's on the public bus at the moment, and even up here, he's hearing about Naomi's wedding. He remembered his encounter with her last night. So, that arrogant guy was her fiancee? Adder. Yeah, that name stick in his mind, when that arrogant who he saw wrapping his arms around Naomi uttered his name. How could he forget him? He was too proud to say who he was! He even ordered the bar staff to drag him away. Later he learned that this Adder guy was the guy whom Naomi had cheated on with. Yeah, it turns out that behind those innocent faces of hers, and those pretentious love she had shown to him
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A Midas Touch
The bell ring. It's mealtime here in Iron Gate Max Security Prison. That bell sound was the only thing perhaps that brings color to the day of the inmates detained here. It means they'll have to get out even just for a minute in their small claustrophobic rooms, but who would have thought that their canteen would even have some hierarchy? Yeah, you heard it right, meals aren't all free. Yeah, there are free meals for the general prisoners and that free meal means bland, tasteless, low-quality food. If you want to have some pleasurable eating time, you can spend money on it. And often those meals are for the rich people who would not spend a long time in this rotting place. "Hey, dude what are you looking at? The line is stuck!" The canteen attendant called Henley's attention. He had been looking at the other menu that was displayed on the other side of the food rack. The ones that are for the VIP prisoners. " Do you have money for it? huh? What are you looking at?" the canteen a
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The Elite City - Cheating The System
Aside from the fact that all the best things are promised in Elite City from education to health care and spectacular skyscrapers, no one from the outside knows what really is for some information about the city remains mysterious for the settlers outside of it. Elite City is a promised land. That's all that everyone knows and was sure of. Elite City was dubbed the most expensive city in the world. Owning a house there does not come easy even though you're a resident of Red Coast settling in Elite City was like applying for citizenship in a country. It involves many requirements one has to be CI from financial to personal background making sure that the applicant for residency is eligible to live up to the standard of life in Elite City. So, having money for housing does not guarantee a residency in Elite City. First, one needs to have at least 500 million dollars maintaining balance in his account, a kind of money that's not allowed to be touched during the entire residency, then asi
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The Aurum Chateau
Day 3[Well done! You have got 16 Billion Dollars in your account! You're now near closing level 1! Spend it in 3 days to grow your money! Failing to do so within the required time will reduce back to level zero!]No pressure! Henley smiled as he closed the system update he was reading. He already had in mind where he was going spend next, for now, he'll enjoy this scene he's seeing. "What is this? You can't do this!" From a distance, Henley saw Mr. Krux freaking out. He was angry yet begging the estate staff to stop dragging them out of their house. The estate agreed to his terms. In the end, he was told that the housing secretary likes the idea of raising the housing cost to set the bar high. It's good for the Elite City's image so they choose Henley's proposal over the Krux family, besides it was like Henley had paid all the overdue balance of the Krux family since it has been a year that the family was failing to pay the city association dues. His proposal was a win-win for the
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Remember My Name
Henley Austen who becomes instant famous because of his Aurum Chateau is now again making headlines because of the unique policy he implemented in Night Zero Club -- No Elite Residents are allowed. Many were surprised after they learned that the famous club was now owned by him. While the public is in awe of the club's elegance and high-end impressive reputation, they are at the same time confused as to why of all the people, the Elite City residents are banned from the club. "If there are those who suit well in that place it's us!" "Look at the elegance, the expensive tastes! The glamorous image of that club! It speaks of us! Why are we not allowed in there?" The protesting residents usually have the same lines with their objections. But Henley remained deaf to their whinings. He was firm in his decision. He intended the club to be that way! Only for the common citizens. No Elite City residents are allowed. "Boss, many Elite residents have come by just today. They wanted to go in
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I Am Henley Austen
The daily life of a billionaire. Henley Austen now resides in Elite City cluster A. This is just a secret, but besides his Aurum Chateu in Elite City, he also owns another house there where he lives. Aside from that, he also now owns another secret property outside Elite City, and that house serves as his hideout. Thanks to the system he had got, it was like he had won the lottery more. His life quickly changed. Henley's house is the biggest in cluster A. His bedroom is situated on the 5th floor. His maids were gathered around him before his alarm clock even sounded. And as he rose from the bed, all the maids greeted him, while one of them handed him warm water to drink, and the other handed him his slippers to wear. At the signal of his hand, the maids quickly leave the room, and he gets the curtain's remote. Then he settled in his room's balcony, where there was already a coffee ready for his consumption. Comfort. This was part of his daily routine. Minutes after he enjoys his cof
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The System
Henley gazed at Tori's face. She's one seductress! Damn it! He thinks. They stepped into the dancing area. Henley could feel all the eyes staring at them. He's sure that they have gotten their attention. It could be that they are curious or they are awed by them. At the side of his eyes, he saw the Krux's family's face. They were frowning, perhaps envious. But there's one particular face that made him rejoice. It's satisfying to see Naomi's expression. Was it pain? Was it regret he saw in her eyes? Whatever it is, it delights him that she's hurting or regretful. She must. They started to dance as the classical music's whispered beat rumbled into their ears. Tori slid her right foot back while moving her other foot forward. She lowered herself until her dress touched the ground, and then abruptly rose to her feet with such force. Henley heard the guests gasp at Tori's show-off. This woman is making me proud! Henley thought to himself. Before leaping into the air, Tori extended he
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