Seeing this mess was just gruesome. The students in this stall didn’t experience a painless death. Considering the fact that they have these bruises and wounds on their bodies, they were first tortured and then killed. But by who? Vincent felt sad to what happened to them,

“My investigation department now has all their hands on deck and taking immediate action. Don’t do anything stupid, Vincent!” Victor said to his brother who was staring at the corpses.

And then, Vincent’s eyes just narrowed. Vincent is seeing something wrong, and he can absolutely sense it. So, he went over the tape and went inside the stall,

“Vincent!” yelled Victor.

Vincent looked back and then he looked at the forensic experts,

“Can I please have some gloves, so that I won’t be able to taint the scent with my DNA.” Vincent asked.

And the experts just gave him gloves. Victor couldn’t stop Vincent anymore, and he just advised Vincent to just don’t take off his gloves. Vincent then went full inside the stall and cro
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