It was still not easy to believe that Ian is rejecting the ideas of Vincent of dragons, when his late brother was also having the same ideas as Vincent. However, what looks like to David is that Ian is having difficulties in accepting that his brother’s theories and guesses were right since that kind of topic has risen once again. Because Ian might be thinking that the idea of some dragons being awakened by a certain cult was buried along with his brother down his grave. But it isn’t. Instead, it resurfaced and is now having some light on it. As if they think about it carefully, it does make sense. Especially when they put into mind that cults are doing rituals, and rituals needs sacrifices. And this is when David realized that Vincent and Herbert’s theories are correct. But how did they even come up with that conclusion when dozens of skilled heroes and investigators have held the case of the cult for years, and yet did no get a single thing to make the case go forward, that’s why th
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