Chapter XCVI

On another part of the city was Jonas and Jean as well. It was also their first time in an amorous relationship with each other. Since theirs was more of an ambush, they had not a good chance to properly express each other’s affections besides the stolen glances to each other as they worked together. They too decided to make up for the lost time. Unlike John and Claire who were trying to build a relationship from a first date, theirs was different.

Their first date came after their relationship had already taken off. His visions, Rebecca’s journals and the chest made it so. They had gone out for their first date as well. They were not the hotel type though. Instead of booking a table for two at an elite hotel, they decided to make theirs unique. They chose the top of the greatest tower in the city for their venue. It was the very same place he kissed his first girlfriend Kate for the first time.

The date was not as normal as any other first date. Theirs inv

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