Chapter XX

The wise said, better the devil you know than the angel you know not. I also tend to say that, sometimes, the angel you know might be the devil you know not about. Jean was sure that she had a partner who was always there for her.

Someone who could take one for her and she still did. John was the kind of person no one would ever suspect had anything to do with the killings or knew anything about them.

One could always think that he was as in the dark as Jean and the rest. Maybe, this was the reason they also said that, it is not a good thing to judge a book by the cover. It is always good to have a peek inside the covers before you can think of judging. Well, we cannot say the same for our friend Detective Jean though. Hers was an open book that had secrets beneath those innocent-looking pages.

Does this mean that, whenever we find an open book for us to read, we should always watch out for secrets within the pages? This I cannot tell but, what I can tell is, th

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