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By: HAN HYO JOO OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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The devastating trauma succeeded in destroying and killing a person's identity, in order to survive the figure created a new figure who roams freely Samudera Wicaksana, suffering from acute mental disorders. Exiled by family and considered to be gone, it is very surprising to appear as Sammy, a night hooligan whose hobby is racing wildly, likes to change partners and make noise all over the place. The young man who has no purpose in life is finally slapped by the fact that a person's identity is similar to himself, finally he has an obsession, namely the wealth of the Wicaksana family. Ocean and Sammy are two different people or the same person? Well, like Sammy's retaliation against the people who destroyed and killed him?

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CHAPTER 1. KILL OR KILL Brak! All the things in the house were just destroyed. Not only that, the noise was heard that night, making a couple look terrified when they heard the footsteps of several people who entered his house, especially the situation of the house at that time was on the edge of the lake and was very quiet with residents.The couple was very worried if their sons who had to become captives later wanted to go out but they preferred to sculpt in the room. "Don't worry, let me just check the situation outside," the husband said to the woman who was still holding her arm tightly, but the woman didn't want to let go because she was worried. "I also want to make sure and won't let you go out by yourself," the woman replied to the husband who they finally decided to go out and check on the situation that happened even their lights were still out and not yet on. But suddenly from the back someone beat the man whose hands were tightly gripped by the wife. Bra
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Chapter 2. LOST"Oh my God, have mercy on us!" Sammy couldn't help crying, he was really fragile right now. He hated him very much. Sammy also feels resentful of the mobsters who are currently with them. Meanwhile, the wife died of the heart of seeing her husband fire himself with a gun.Likewise with Sammy, who was limp at the time. Yang was helpless when he saw the father smeared with blood, and a very pale state. One such family was helpless at a time making the mobsters smile with satisfaction. "That way we can carry out the next mission!" said one of the mobsters again talking to each other. But it was answered with a laugh that sounded thunderous.Not long after that, the aides of several mobsters immediately took the field, who saw the condition of the targets that they had deliberately harmed helplessly. Their aide also disposed of the body of the woman who was the man's wife who was thought to be dead because she was no longer helpless. So it was with Sammy. "Hurry up an
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CHAPTER . 3. GOOD JOBNicole, who is Sammy's uncle, is satisfied with the results she got. Because he can kill the nuclear family which is Sammy's family, and throw Sammy away so that he doesn't trace at all, not only that Nicole also feels happy and calm because he can eliminate the heir of the Biggest company very easily without leaving the slightest trace.But unfortunately it will not disappear just like that, because the news of the death of Sammy's family spread to enter the territory of the Biggest company, this was also known by Sammy's grandfather, but unfortunately the man thought that the news heard this time was just a hoax.Initially, it was thought that it was just confusing news that happened to the Biggest company. Because the company was about to be dropped into the hands of the next heir, name Sammy, the employees who worked there also discussed the matter, making one of the company's contents in an uproar over the news."Oh my God! I'm still very surprised. I never
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CHAPTER 4. HOW ARE YOU.BrumBrumThe atmosphere of the silent night was suddenly turned boisterous by the sound of a barrage of motorbikes. There was a handsome man riding a big motorcycle in an arrogant style. A handsome man wearing a black T-shirt and blue jens pants is preparing to do a wild race with his rivals."Woy Luxer is forward! I will make you lose tonight, all your money will be mine asshole." A young man with a delinquent shouted as he mocked his rival who looked emotional. "Fuck it all, you talk a lot. Be prepared to weep over your glory. End your history " The rival felt underestimated by the young man."I know it's very easy for you son of the constituency, your father's corrupt money rusts in his pockets. Loser man come home to your father's side... Hahahaha," the dismissive remarks obviously made the emotions angry towards the motorcycle racing opponent. "Take care of your mouth asshole! I will kill you. Listen, not a single piece of money will be yours. You'll b
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Chapter 5.During the day at an internet café Keil launched an action to find out and investigate about Sammy Wicaksana's extended family. He also uses his skills in infiltrating data accounts belonging to Sammy's extended family. Specifically for Sammy's database, the news of the sole heir of the Wicaksana family is stored in privacy. Sourced from social media coverage Kiel found a good thing that seemed cliché. He deliberately did just that to find out about what Sammy's family is currently doing."Wow! Finally I also know what the activities of Sammy's extended family are. The fix is really good, they will hold a flower sowing event in the area of their house that has been burned to the ground. It's a diamond idea, I have to let you know this is the same as the ocean. After all, the sowing event was attended by important people. I had to infiltrate and find out the next information when they held the flower sowing event," Kiel said to himself as he continued to surf freely online.
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Chapter 6. Sweet offer Ocean is very interested in Nicole rejecting his offer. Nicole is the second child of the biggest family to serve as operations manager. From the beginning he was fixed on Nicole. Here the Ocean will not make everyone suspicious of him. He would do it slickly so that no one would know. Since yesterday, Nicole has been very difficult to work with. The man always refused her invitations.Of course it made Ocean groan in frustration. He wouldn't just give up so much that he came up with an idea in his mind. He knew what Nicole's weakness would be if he knew Nicol rejected him. He had plans again because Nicole rejected him this time. Ocean wouldn't just give up seducing Nicole.He will terrorize Nicole to still be willing to accept her offer this time. His ambition is huge to make everything go smoothly as he wants. His ambition to own the wealth of the Wicaksana family is already unanimous. He will force Nicole on this occasion. Then he would just go to Nicole in
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