Secretly The Godfather's Heir

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Secretly The Godfather's Heir

By: Honeybeehive OngoingUrban/Realistic

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All it took was just a day to lose everything that made Cole Lancaster a man. From his girlfriend betraying him to losing his delivery job, he became disheartened. While he was on the edge of giving up his life, he found himself in a bed with the president's daughter. He was forced to marry her considering some circumstances and Cole soon realized that he was not a normal man. He was gifted with special abilities and to prove it, he met an old woman who told him that he was not what he thought he was. He was an heir to the billions that was waiting for him! And A King that has his kingdom to rule! He vowed to bring those who oppressed him to their knees! And now... he has the game in his court and will be the master of the game.

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  • Honeybeehive


    Nicely written

    2022-11-30 17:57:07
  • Sivaprakash


    Are there updates coming

    2023-03-22 02:36:35
  • Roger Langley


    waiting for next chapters

    2023-01-05 00:19:56
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23 chapters
Final Year Proposal
Today was Cole's girlfriend's birthday. And he had gotten her a gift he knew she would appreciate and love. She was in her final year which meant that it was just two months before she was done with her degree and they would be finally able to plan their future together.He got down from his delivery bike and walked straight to her dormitory with the gift package placed in one hand.He knew she was going to be around because she said so, he called her in the morning. But the blaring and boozing music made his brows crease in confusion.Were they throwing another party he was unaware of? He thought as he approached her dorm.Cheers and yells filled the room and could be heard from outside. His hands shook as he knocked on the door. There was no answer. Making up his mind, he pushed the door open and stared inside."Leslie!" He snapped and her gaze geared up to him in pure shock.There she was, laughing comfortably with a guy he knew was known as the popular guy on campus. His eyes trail
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More Of Life
Chapter 2Leslie did not know what to say even when the word was just in her throat waiting for her to say it."Yes!" Leslie squealed, stretching her hands out. Seth placed the ring gently on her middle finger. He rose up and they both kissed sensually. All these while Cole watched it happen.From his girlfriend who seemed to have been cheating on him for a while now to her getting engaged right before, he was left shattered and wronged. The pain squeezed his heart tight as he heard the crowd cheering the power couples."They are so perfect!""I am envious!"The crowd cheered them on as they continued to kiss.With rage, he clenched his fist and his legs moved on their own accord as he went to meet Seth. He tapped on his shoulders and Seth turned around to see who had short-lived his moment of joy. In an instance, Cole's fist jammed with Seth's jaw.Seth fell to the floor, blood dripping from his nose.Leslie shrieked out and Dora ran over to them."Get this wretched goat!" Dora yelled
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Suitable Mistake
"What did you just say?" The man asked him, giving him a dirty look.Cole looked at him in the eye, trying to suppress the alcohol effect. "You are trying to touch her against her will." He replied. Before the man could say anything, Cole opened the door and reached for the man. He instantly slammed a punch on his face. The man also lunged at him. The lady that was in the car slowly lose consciousness while Cole and the man fought.The man soon got tired and after a rough push by Cole, the man fell and hit his head against a stone which caused him to lose consciousness.Cole's vision turned blurry and he staggered forward to help the lady but he too also fell flat and he passed out.***Down the dark street, a man dressed in an expensive suit sat down in the black limousine with the window wined down. The driver that had left the car earlier stood beside the window and made a bow."Has he succeeded?" He asked him, dropping the cigarette in his hands.The man gave him a curt nod. "Yes
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Son In Slave
Cole finally got home and he stepped out of the car. The driver gave him a pity look before he zoomed off, leaving Cole to deal with himself.Cole limped towards his apartment and the old man he was staying with saw how deranged he looked.He was shocked. "What the hell happened to you?" He asked, rushing towards him. Cole raised his hand, hinting that he was fine."What happened? Why do you look like someone who got beaten up for stealing a teddy at the market?" He asked again.They both have been living together since Cole could remember. The old man, Mr. Smith, was the one who had helped him since he was a little boy.He could not remember who he was or what happened when he was younger.Cole began to narrate what happened to him and the man could not help but shake his head at his predicament."But then I came to meet this person named Mr. Downs. He seemed stinkily rich and unfortunately for me I am now his son in law." Cole said and the man's lips quivered."You are now his son in
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The Party
Cecilia did not want any trouble so she helped Cole pay his debt. Even after she figured out that he had used the money to get another female a gift, she did not want to be insulted."You are not rich and yet you want to have a love life, where is that done?" She said, watching the man who had come to collect his money leave.Cole gulped hard, knowing what to say. "Thank you," He mumbled.She hissed out. "I did not do it for you. It would be a stain to my name if my husband was owing someone money."Cole almost smiled and it was at that moment he thought that Cecilia was not as tough as she looked. In fact, she could just be soft and scared to accept him.Martin cleared his throat, "What do you think your parents would say if they found out their son in law was a pauper?" He asked, scratching his jaw.Cecilia hissed out and passed by him. "You started it." That was all she said to no one in particular.It was now remaining Cole and Martin standing. "Better get back to work, brother-in-
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The Past
Seth laughed. "Gosh, who knew that he would later die like this? I am sure that after Justin is done with him, he won't come out alive." Martin nodded his head too in agreement. Cecilia bit her lips in anxiety and fear for Cole."Nothing will happen to him." She bit out at them.Seth and Smith both looked at each other and laughed more."It will be a big pity if you become a widow now, you know," Martin told her.She could not help the anger and fear that was gripping her. She knew Justin taking Cole in there meant trouble.She tuned out Seth and Martin talking and had her gaze on the door to the office where Cole and Justin were discussing.“But wait, Justin said he wanted to announce a new boss?” Martin asked Seth in a low voice. Seth nodded. “Do you know who it is?”Martin shook his head. “No, I don’t. I hope it is some rich man.”They both nodded their heads and smiled.~Cole stared at Justin, waiting for him to speak but the older man had his eye fixed on him, his face.Cole lo
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He has seen different cards. He has delivered different cards. But this... He has never seen or owned it.Never!A Black card was in his hands and he will be doomed if he said that he was not shocked.He raised his gaze back at Justin who had a smile on. "I thought you might need some things. So you can use that till we can get hold of the situation and you will be able to meet the elders of the Seven Families." He said.Cole did not know whether he should thank him or fall to his knees and worship. "Thank you." He told Justin who just shook his head like it was nothing."Let us go. I noticed your wife was quite worried when we wanted to enter." He told him and they both exited the office.“Wait,” Cole stopped Justin. “Don't tell anyone I am the new boss yet.” He said.Justin thought about it and understood. He gave him a curt nod.As soon as they stepped out, Seth's laughter rang out but soon stopped when he saw Cole walking out with his body parts complete and no injury whatsoever to
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Mocking Card
Everyone was again filled with shock, even Cecilia herself glanced around. They turned to her while Cole watched on.“What is it the new boss has for her?”“Wow, she is quite lucky.”“She does not need that moron that is close to her at all.”“He looks poor and wretched.”Murmurs filled the entire room. Cole was sort of satisfied and angry with the turn out of things. He was doing this because Cecilia was mad at him for staying with her that night and it made her lose the right to the Downs Heritage but he was going to help her get it back.”He is willing to cooperate with her company on a deal.”Justin announced.Every one looked quite astonished. The new boss has found a liking to her that quick?Cole had a satisfied smile on his face as he watched Justin walk away to meet his people.“But Cecilia is not in charge of the company now because she has lost the right to be the heir.” Martin spoke up, directing a look at her and Cole.Justin shook his head. “This order is not for the compa
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Strong Defender
Everyone was totally shocked at what the President did. Did he just apologize to a delivery man?Gary gulped hard at his attempt to ruin the bank's reputation. The president raised his head and glared at him."You are fired!" He boomed and turned back to Cole with a polite smile on his face."I will get everything ready for you to receive now." He said and as soon as he finished everything for him, Cole left but as he was leaving, he noticed Gary at the front of the bank crying and sweating profusely as he begged the gateman. That made him remember when he was sent out of his work place too. He shook his head to get rid of the painful experience.***** Cole jerked up from his sleep. He was having a nightmare again. Nightmare of that night and another thing ... He did not know but he felt some strange energy going through his body.What was happening to him exactly?He climbed off the bed and made his way to the mirror. Cecilia had still not allowed him to sleep in the same room as he
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He is The Godfather
Justin walked towards them, his eyes fixed on them. The doorman raised his chin with confidence."Sir, it is this man. He is claiming that he wants to meet someone and whereby he is here to beg." He said."What?!" Justin exclaimed."Did you just say he is here to beg?" Justin asked and turned to the young man. Cole had his back turned to him, so he could not recognize him."Young man, turn to me." He ordered. Cole turned around and the words Justin was about to say died in his throat and his eyes widened.He had asked him to meet him here, oh he forgot."Oh, it is you, Cole." He said happily, surprising the door man. Seth bit back the hiss that was threatening up his throat while Leslie looked somewhat shocked at the way Justin received Cole. It felt like Cole was quite superior to him but no one could notice.Cole looked behind Justin and saw a man in dark shades, leaning against the latest model of Mercedes. He was watching with amusement and his lips was quirked into a smirk.Who w
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