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By: PENCILS OngoingMystery/Thriller

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A deranged and highly intelligent serial killer is on the loose, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. He seems to have a deep understanding of the human mind, using psychological manipulation to get close to his victims before brutally murdering them. The police are struggling to catch him, as he always seems to be one step ahead. But as the body count rises, a rookie detective starts to suspect that the killer might be someone she knows - someone who is hiding in plain sight. As she delves deeper into the case, she realizes that the killer's true identity is more terrifying than she ever could have imagined.

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CHAPTER 1- The First Murder
Sounds of sirens filled the air. A small crowd had gathered in Hermes street, block 101 to be precised.Despite the heavy downpour, several more others still trooped into the flat of the deceased.Young women and men were curious to know what had happened, while the children were frightened by the loud noise of their neighbors, the sirens and the rumbling thunder.Before the early hours of the day, Tina's screams were heard. Well, she's been screaming a lot lately so the neighbors never really paid attention to her. Instead, they put on their ear blocks to reduce her screams.Old women hissed and rolled on their beds, young children covered their ears with their pillows, while the teenagers simply put on their headphones.For over a week, she's been acting off. Screaming steadily, acting weird with her neighbours, laughing out loudly at the stores and even getting really lean.They were all scared for her but they could barely afford a good apartment, they definitely couldn't take he
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CHAPTER 2- The Second Murder
Tina's body had been taken for autopsy.Dolores believed she must have been killed before her body was tampered with like that.And also, they needed to know if there were any hand prints on Tina's body.Rachael had been eager to know the results.They had been to Tina's residence again, to question her neighbours but none of their testimonies were helping." Tina Maxwell was a lovely woman. She really loved kids and never missed an opportunity to treat them to cookies and wonderful stories."" She never had children, nor even a lover but she was really nice."" Everything changed a week ago. She started avoiding anyone, barely went out. The only thing she did was scream at odd hours, laugh like a maniac at the store. One time, she just stood out in the rain."" She was probably mentally sick before she died. Tina acted so unlike herself."Those were the only words they kept hearing from her neighbours.None of them knew about her background, family, job, nothing.According to them,Ti
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CHAPTER 3- The Rookie Detective
Rachael's POVI stared down at the mug of coffee sitting on my table. I picked up the air conditioning remote and pressed a button.Wrapping myself with my hands, I shivered. Not at the chilly air in my room, but the current situation at hand.Today, staring at those bodies only brought painful memories, from the past.Everyone in the family had thought it was stupid of me to want to be a cop when there were many other careers I could pursue.In fact, we had a family business where I could work and have millions flood my account every week but then......The strong will power to make sure no one was unjustly killed like my mother, helped keep me focus.I was eight while my older sister was eleven when our mother had died.Before then, she fell really ill and was admitted in the city's Local hospital. Things became even tougher when our father divorced her on her sick bed.I still hate him for that though.Luck found us when she started getting better. My sister was happy she wouldn't
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CHAPTER 4- The Crime Scene
Rachael's POVI didn't sleep until very early the next morning. When I finally woke up, it felt like I had only slept for seconds.Even though I felt Christian's warm kisses on my face, I refused to move.I only yawned when I heard him leave the room.Stretching, I opened my eyes halfway. I layed still on the bed, staring at the ceiling.Why was my career getting so difficult at such an early stage?I had only been promoted to detective three weeks before the first murder.Investigation would have been a lot easier if only Dolores actually took it personal like I did.For goodness sake! Two innocent women had lost their lives in the most gruesome way.Yet, she didn't care." I hope she's the third on the killer's list." I said, scoffing and rolling over on the bed.I smelled something nice and then, my eyes went open fully, immediately.There were roses on the other side of the bed, and a note too.Smiling, I reached for it." Even though I know you had woken up a long time ago, I jus
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CHAPTER 5- The Çrime Scene II
Rachael's POVAll through my drive back to the station, I kept wondering if hoarding information from Dolores was a good idea.I mean, she was now interested in the cases and ready to give it her all.But then.....Something about her change was just too sudden. I shouldn't trust her just yet until she has proven that she had good intentions.I'll send the blood samples to my grandfather for tests, to see if they matched.Before returning home today, I'll take the nail to the morgue where the bodies are and will check them out.Even though this is nothing but a bleak lead, it's still something to me.Who knows?This might even lead me to something bigger.I hid the bag under my seat before getting out of my car.All the officers were busy, with files and cases; big and small ones.I met Dolores at her door, so there was no need to knock." Ma'am." I saluted her before having my seat as she proposed." Anything?" She asked, very interested."Nothing ma'am but I noticed something." I
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CHAPTER 6- The Victims I
Rachel's POVTrue to Dolores'words, it was actually colder outside Hagni. As we rode down the lonely driveway, all I saw were tall trees by both sides of the road. Someone could even be easily killed and dumped here.The more we drove into Brooklyn, the more nervous I got. This place just gave off some sort of bad energy." You don't look so good. You okay?" Dolores asked, breaking into my thoughts.I tore my gaze from the trees and focused on her. But she wasn't staring back at me." It's my first time out of Hagni. You might think of this as cowardly, but being out here just feels off." I looked away, expecting Dolores to laugh.I waited for several seconds but she didn't. I looked back at her, searching for an expression on her face but I saw nothing." Put yourself together no matter what. We're visiting a man who lost his daughter. It'll be difficult to get anything out of him if we can't even put on bold faces." Dolores said, breaking the loud silence in the car."Mhmm." I nod
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CHAPTER 7- The Victims II
Writer's POVRachael and Dolores rounded up their question time with Tina's father. The man was taken aback by their sudden withdrawal but he kept his tongue tied. They left rather hurriedly, inviting Mr Steven to the station to claim Tina's body, and advised him to take up their free therapy offer.Dolores'mind kept going back to what the man had said. She was found...... what?!She sometimes stole glances at Rachael, wondering how she knew they were dealing with a serial killer.Even though she promised herself that she would wait for the autopsy results to prove that a serial killer was really on the lose, her discovery from Mr Steven made her do otherwise.How did this case get even shittier?Rachael on the other hand, felt partly relieved now that they were having more leads but at the same time, disappointed that their leads were all only confusing and interwhined.Well, what did she expect?She was a detective and it was her duty to untangle the tangled, decipher the mysterie
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Writer's POVIt was difficult for Dolores to get a cab at such time of the day, from the point where she had alighted.So, she had to trek all the way to the bus station closer to Brooklyn high before being able to board a bus.Dolores couldn't help but wonder at the cases they had been handling.She had been a detective for several years but she had never experienced such a case before.There was no doubt that this was a case of revenge. So definitely, this killer must be someone that really knew The Blue Angels, especially Brittany.Dolores felt like if there was anyone who would be a bigger suspect in this case, it would definitely be the family members of Brittany.Once the bus stopped in front of the school, Dolores felt her heart begin to race.In all her years of practice as a detective, she had never felt so nervous about a death case or any case at all as she was right now.Clearing her throat and raising her shoulders, Dolores alighted from the bus, hoping she looked just as
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A Distraction
Rachael's POVI've been so excited to get the results of the blood test since I returned from the morgue.I just had this great feeling that the samples weren't going to match."You seem really happy today." Christian walked to the dining with a bottle of champagne in his hand."So I thought we should celebrate it." He added, popping open the bottle."Awwww, that's so sweet of you." I smiled, going to the kitchen to grab some wine cups."I'm happy that finally, the love of my life has a smile on her face." Christian joked as he poured the wine into the cups.It was relieving to know that I was making progress with the case now and the best thing was that I had Dolores' support too.As long as we continued to work together, we will definitely bring that motherfucker to the law."So how are things going? Anything yet?" Christian asked once he had settled down."Yes, you were absolutely right about working alone. Not only was I able to get something from the crime scene, I was also able
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CHAPTER 10- An Inscription
CHAPTER 10Rachael's POVThe next day, I had woken up really early, even earlier than Christan.I was excited and nervous to know what Dolores had found out yesterday."You know you can take your time, right?" Christian smiled as I hurriedly buttoned my shirt."Honestly Chris, I don't think I can. Who knows? Someone else might die today, I'm just too nervous." The thought of hearing news of another death case today was too disturbing."Hey….." He walked toward me."The love of my life is smart and unbeatable. I know right now, it might seem like that killer….. whoever he is, is hard to get. But I know you're going to bring him to the light of the law, my love. I've seen you work before and I know you're going to end this with that killer behind bars, paying for Tina's death and anyone else he might have killed. Just take your time, okay? Don't over work yourself." He kissed me at the end of his speech."I've not really worked on anything like this before, but thanks. You're the best
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