The Almighty Landon. Chapter 139.



“I thought you said he was poor?” Gerald said with a frown.

“He is. He shouldn’t be able to afford twenty thousand dollars. He’s just a poor orphan.” Mr. Collins was dumbfounded.

Mr. Collins expected Landon to come to him when Landon found out he had been taken out of their school scholarship program and when that happened he planned to blackmail Landon to not press charges on Xander Taylor anymore. However, who would’ve known Landon would pay his fees so easily?


Just then Gerald’s phone rang. Gerald brought out his phone and answered the call.

“Okay, okay. Good job.” After a few words the call ended.

“My sources just spotted the young man coming out of a bank. Mr. Collins I have tried your way. I believe it’s better I do things my way now and I’m done playing nice.” Gerald said coldly as he got up and left Mr. Collins's office.

Mr. Collins was curious about how Xander’s father wanted to tackle this matter and he was sure that, Xander did not have anything good planned for L
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