The Almighty Landon. Chapter 140.



The girl's dormitory.

“How is that loser driving the Lamborghini Sesto?!” Joan complained.

“I still don’t know what to think. I’m as shocked as you.” Ruth said with a puzzled look.

They were all still trying to figure out what had happened when they ran into Landon yesterday. Landon drove the infamous Lamborghini Sesto away. How did that happen?

Joan was the one who felt uncomfortable about it the most. Yesterday she felt on top of the world to be driving a very luxurious car, however, Landon had ended up ruining her mood yesterday. Joan knew that even if her car was expensive there were still people with better cars than hers. But why is it that Landon of all was the one who gave her a huge slap on the face?

“What are you all talking about?” Elena asked with curiosity.

“We saw Landon drive the famous Lamborghini Sesto parked in our school parking lot.” Said Ruth.

“That’s a lie.” Elena chose not to believe it.

She did not see the Lamborghini car personally but the car was posted o
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