The Almighty Landon. Chapter 138.




Landon just cursed inwardly when he read the text left in their group chats by their class representative.

“How can those bastards take you out of the school scholarship program?” Jude complained. “What misconduct are they talking about for them to take you out of the scholarship program?”

“This is unfair. What could Landon have done to get such a treatment from them?”

“This is ridiculous. Landon you have to make a complaint to the dean.”

Jude and the rest of Landon’s dorm mates complained about the sudden unfairness that had just happened to Landon so they felt there’s been a kind of mistake somewhere and Landon had to look into it.

“There’s no need,” Landon said nonchalantly.

“Huh? What do you mean bro? You’ve been getting support from the scholarship you won since. You can’t just let this slide? There has to be a mistake somewhere.”

“Well I understand what you all are saying but I think it will be easier if I just make payment for my school fees by myself.”

“You wan
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