The Almighty Landon. Chapter 141.



“Huh? You are getting married?” Landon asked once more after hearing Kara’s words.

“Yeah, actually no I don’t want to get married, my parents are the ones forcing me to get married, and I feel very guilty that I don’t want to get married,” Kara replied.

Landon was shocked. He had just helped Jasmine with a situation like this. He did not expect Kara to be suffering a similar situation like this.

“Why do you feel guilty? If you are not interested in marrying who your parents want you to marry why don’t you just say it?”

“I have said it but the problem is my mom and dad say I have to marry him and they’ve made me see reasons. It is because of this reason I feel guilty about not wanting to marry the person who’s asking for my hand in marriage.”

Landon probed seriously. “And what is this important reason that’s causing your parents to not listen to what you want?”

“The person asking for my hand in marriage is the son of my dad’s employer. At first, my dad’s employer’s son approached m
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