The Billion Dollars Revenge

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The Billion Dollars Revenge

By: P. Timmy OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jacob Reed had just lost both his job and marriage when a lady, Chrstine Prescott, presented him with an opportunity to run a billion dollars company. Wounded by the betrayal from his former boss and his wife, Jacob Reed took the opportunity as a payback for what they did to him.

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13 chapters
Chapter 1
The elevator opened, and Jacob burst out and strode towards Steve's office as if he were a villain from a slasher horror movie. His breath hung in the air, charged with frustration.The secretary stood up, making a feeble attempt to halt him. "Mr. Jacob, you cannot..."Without waiting for her to finish, he barged into Steve's office. "Sir!" Jacob blurted. "I have a complaint," he said, raising a letter in his hand. Steve took a shot of whiskey down his throat and walked to his chair. “It’s fine, Mrs. William; I’ve got this.” The secretary took a deep breath, looked to Jacob, then nodded before taking her leave. “So?”"Sir, I got a tarmination letter based on a link to the sub-urban real estate deal.” “And?”Jacob frowned a little shocked at the question, “Sir, except I wasn’t on the sub-urban real estate deal.”“So?”"So, sir, I got fired for something that has no link to me.”“But you aren’t innocent now, are you?” Steve raised an eyebrow."Sir, I do not understand.”"Oh, you do,
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Chapter 2
“I hope you like it here,” Jacob asked. "Well, at least you didn’t pick the cementary” Christine laughed.Jacob feigned a laugh, but he couldn’t stop to wonder. He hadn’t met her before; at least he couldn’t recall it. And what did she mean by that? It was the best day of his life. Why is he even sitting with a strange lady in a coffee shop on the same day he got fired and divorced?“I actually have been to this coffee shop a couple of times before, so I’d give you nine out of ten. I’d have given you a ten if you had picked the club," she smiled. Jacob smiled, but it was short lived. He wanted to be nice, but at the same time, he wanted to know what she wanted from him.“Okay, I think I know what you are probably thinking,” Christine said, noticing how much unease he felt. “Who is she? And what does she want?”“I am sorry, but I don’t know you or what you want from me, and it’s been quite a day for me. I just want to go home. So I’d appreciate it if you"“You got fired?” Jacob pau
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Chapter 3
“Did you give it to him?” Mrs. King asked as Madi walked into the house, her face bare without make-up for the first time in a long time. "Yes, mom, I did,” she barely spoke up, her face burried behind her face cap. “Good, that peasant never deserved you in the first place,” Mrs. King said, settling down on a couch in the King-size sitting room. Madi didn’t respond but continued to her room. “And where do you think you are going?" Mrs. King asked, her left eyebrow raised. She sighed, looked back to her mom, and said, “It’s been a day; I think I need to take some time out” “But you had a wonderful day, darling, breaking from that fool’s leash over you” "Mum, that wasn’t even necessary; he was a good..."“Madi! You’d stop that nonsense talk immidiately!” Mrs. King interrupted her. Her face was so still, and the smile that seemed to have had a permanent stay on her face was varnished. Madi, stunned as she was, took a step backward from her mom and almost stumbled on her own foot.
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Chapter 4
Lydia’s saggy face was so fixed to the screen that the light from it reflected on her glasses, and her fingers were all over the keyboard. She’d steal a peep at Jacob once every few minutes, then go back to the computer. Lydia’s reputation for closing down impossible cases for the King’s wasn’t a stranger to Jacob. She has been working for them since Mr. King himself was a young man, according to what he had heard about her. Even with all of these at the back of his mind, he kept a straight face, one that didn’t portray any of the fears he had. He checked his time again for the fifth time since he entered the office; it was already an hour past the scheduled time, and Madi wasn’t there yet. “Miss Madi will be here anytime soon.” Lydia said as she took another look at him. Her voice wasn’t that of a woman who showed any form of emotion. Technically, she’s still a Mrs. “How long do I…” Jacob tried to ask but was cut short by how fast she returned to her screen, typing—only God knows
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Chapter 5
Jacob finally reached his studio apartment with a bandage around his chest and a small one above his eyebrow. He settled down, groaning on his couch. If asked, he wouldn't be able to tell what hurt him the most—the physical pain he endured or the emotional pain of watching his wife leave him for someone like Alex. He could use a little liquor, but it was a little far off, and he wouldn’t get off the chair.“You should really change your locks,” Christine said, walking out of the shadows.“For fuck sake!” He jerked, and the pain struck like an electric shock. He groaned as he held his rib as it curled a little. “Oh my god,” Christine rushed to him. “What happened to you?” she asked.“I am okay…” Jacob stopped her from touching him. “I just need to rest.”“Rest? What happened to you?”“It was an accident.”Christine stopped, her lips quivering a little. Jacob raised his head to look at why she suddenly went quiet. “Are you okay?”“Yeah,” she said, shaking her head a little. “I just hav
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Chapter 6
"How do you know this?" Mrs. King asked."Well, a mail was sent to Madi this afternoon, and it was about this transaction. His email is still somehow logged into Madi's laptop." Alex explained.Mrs. King stared into the phone screen, trying to understand how Jacob could have such an amount of money in his account. It had to be a mistake; she just needed to find out the mistake. But it was his name, Jacob Reed, that was on the cheque. After a short while of staring into the phone, she returned the phone to Alex. "So she doesn’t know about this yet?" Mrs. King raised her eyebrow and crossed her legs. "Not yet," Alex answered, obviously not sure. "It doesn’t matter; they are divorced, and that’s it," she said, grabbing a cup of whiskey from the couch’s side table. "But it’s only a matter of time before Madi finds out. The mail is still logged into her laptop, and..." "And what if she finds out?" Mrs. King asked. "You know Madi...she...""My daughter is not a goal digger, Alex Gra
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Chapter 7
He entered his office, shut the door, and pulled off his suit. He threw it on the office couch and sat down beside it. He looked into the mirror opposite the leather couch. His face was beginning to show more wrinkles, and his hair was mostly gray, yet he would make one of the fittest sixty-five-year-olds in the world. But beyond it, he could see his plan coming to failure. A knock hit his door. He looked at the door and asked who it was. It was Charlie. He opened the door for Charlie and went back to sitting. Charlie locked the door and stood opposite him. “Tell me what all that was,” he said. His naturally baritone voice came out husky.Charlie pushed his glasses closer to his face. He was already sweaty and shakingly. "Sir, my sources said it was the same guy that saved her from the accident ten years back” He raised his head to look at Charlie. “What the fuck is that?” “She had had a private detective looking for him for the past two years, sir,” Charlie said, his voice eve
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Chapter 8
Madi barged into the room, her hands balled up and her eyes blood red. “Mom…” “Do you know that Christine Prescott is getting married?” Mrs. King said this before she could finish. She raised her head from the computer screen and said, “Mrs. Prescott sent me an invitation for the wedding party in a week time.” “Mom…” Madi tried again. “A wedding in the middle of the week, and with an invitation for the one percent of the one percent? Now the President has uped their game; now doubt.” Mrs. King giggled. “Mom!” Madi exaclaimed. "What, my darling? “I heard about the five million dollars” "Oh, it was nothing. I couldn't watch him go with what belonged to you.” “I thought we agreed we were done with Jacob” “Agree? I didn’t agree with anything. Besides, we are done only when we are done.” “No. You are wrong. It is finished; we are done; divorced for fuck sake; what on earth do you still want from him?” “Come on, stop sounding like a fool. That money is yours, and that mon
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Chapter 9
Jacob sat with his hands clenched together in a corner of the giant sitting room. Different artworks probably from the eighteenth century hung on the wall: angry looking paintings and heavily bearded sculptors of philosophers. But of all the paintings and sculptors there was one that he couldn’t get his eyes off. It hung slightly with the height of roughly three feet. The painted man had a fierce look not so different from the rest of them in the room except this one isn’t from the eighteenth century. He looked different, except for the windpipe he held to his mouth. And the face, it looked like… “That’s my father,” Christine said. Jacob turned, she was standing by the door frame, “Oh…um I didn&rsq
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Chapter 10
“It’s your wedding,” Bob said, “not mine?”“Just answer me, goddamn it!” Jacob shouted. “Red or brown tie?” He went to the mirror and placed each on his neck to see which went the best.“That’s not even red, Jacob; that’s like oxblood or something,” Bob said, biting his hot dog.“Really, but Franklin said it's red.” Jacob said as he turned to him, “Are you serious? The best time to eat is now.”“What?” He said with a huge chunk in his mouth, “I am the best man , not the best woman.” The ketchup from the hotdog dropped on his white shirt. “Aagh, fuck.”Jacob turned back to the mirror and sai
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