An  Underrated Sovereign

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An Underrated Sovereign

By: Chic Choc OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Indeed, It Was A Crime Falling In Love With You." Eddie Maxwell left his father who he never realized was one of the wealthiest men in the world to follow his love, Clara. Helped her and her family undercover to rise in fame but instead, the credits were given to someone else and as they blew up in fame, they began to treat him as a piece of thrash finally, he was divorced from someone that Clara described as a real man. Unknown to them, he was the underrated sovereign, vast in deep and dark medical knowledge held only by two persons in the world and with martial acts skills that could not be compared to any. And with his father's wealth, he is ready to make a deadly comeback like never before. But some secrets locked around his past that must be uncovered.

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68 chapters
Chapter 1
Walking towards the door, the sound of the loud music coming from within vibrated through Eddie's body making him feel the buzz of the silver ring in his pocket.The company that his wife established, the Jet Age Group had just been recorded as a second-generation company and they had organized a party to celebrate her and that was her gift. But immediately his hands sped off through the handle of the door into the vast room, and the music that aired in the room paused.Their faces soon twisted from joy to scorn and twitching their lips in irritation.“What is he doing here?“ Nicolas, Eddie's brother-in-law blotted with a long hissThe sound of their murmur, sneers, and hateful glances made him stiff got him petrified on a spot, a slight sigh escaping from his lips afterwards.When he got married to Clara, they were as broke as f**k, until he helped Clara out with the money that was used to start the business. But as the company continued to boom, they started to treat him like the f
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Chapter 2
The words swamped Eddie away from reality as flashes of his past were recollected in his memories. Days where his father was so objective about him having anything to do with the study of medicine even when that was the only place that he saw himself. Forced to go through the hectic lifestyle of the most influential business school in the city, he dropped his certificate in his father's hands immediately after his graduation. “This is what you wanted. Now you can have it and I will change my dream.“ He could still remember those stale words that he left his home with. Went over to the best master on the planet to learn marital acts and medicine until he became the best. But then, it didn't end well. A lady died in his hands and his master stripped him of his right to practice medicine. 'Still sure that father had something to do with it.' And to think that his father suddenly needed his medical skills, he never thought that this day would come. But this was his father's life th
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Chapter 3
Latoya's face flushed with anger at the words. She had always done her medical checkup. How come they never noticed anything about an underlying Internal injury."How dare you lie about something this important. Do you have a death wish?" She thundered but Eddie was not moved a bit.Angrily, Latoya focused her gaze on her sister and said. “Told you that he was a bum. Now I hate my guts for wasting so much time on him already."Even Sophia was disappointed but she never expected much anyways."Take him out." Even though her commanding tune was low, it carried so much weight.The guards bowed and stepped forward. But just as they were about to take him out, a message was displayed on LaToya's cell phone. It was the message of her checkup for the week.Her eyes ran right through it and her eyes bulged from her head. She was settled."How could it be?" Sophia could see the shocks that were laced all over her face."Is there a problem?" Her cold brows were knitted at her sister's odd behavi
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Chapter 4
“I'm someone that knows nothing about medicine.“ Eddie's sarcastic reply was vivid as he rose swiftly from the bed with a flinch in his eyebrow. “Father.“ Sophia and Latoya rushed over to their father with tears in their eyes. “I thought I was dead already.“ “I thought so too.“ Latoya replied feeling embarrassed after what she had done to Eddie that she could not work up to him and appreciate him. “Thanks a lot.“ Sophia appreciated with so much fear and reverse in her voice but he only shook his head. Eddie looked so different than she had seen him in the first instance. He was now more of a...“Don't appreciate me yet. I only stopped the poison from spreading. Soon enough it's going to start again and this time with a greater Force. It has to be gotten out from him as soon as possible.“ He responded, his voice lacking every single bit of emotion in them. “What can we do?“ There was desperation in Sophia's voice. Without spitting out even a single word from his mouth, Eddie spot
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Chapter 5
24 hours earlierMr. Modrick sat with his knees crossed over his legs, enjoying a sip of ancient brewed tea when a man walked in a wheelchair and someone behind him.Mr. Modrick's face quickly broke up in cold sweat even though this stranger didn't seem powerful. He soon fell to his knees, not daring to maintain eye contact."Good day, sir." He quickly greeted but this pleasant exchange was ignored."How are you faring with Eddie?" He cut through the chase and went directly for the reason that he was there."Even though he refused my plan, he still walked into it. He is married off now to Clara from the Chaste family business group and for the study of medicine, I was able to reach an end with his previous student, Doctor Harrison to stop him from practicing." He explained.There was a smile on the stranger's face that didn't make him look too dangerous anymore. But that was until he said."But Doctor Harrison is playing difficult. He said he can no longer keep lying to his master and
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Chapter 6
Eddie's heart was ripped apart into a million pieces as he never thought that he would go to his master's home only to be informed that he was dead. His emotions were complicated and he could hardly think straight but a note was left behind for him. Eddie Maxwell. I know I prevented you from practicing it. You will understand soon enough. But right now that I can hardly move, I want you to take over my place and start practicing again. And for your first task, the black worm is on his back. You will have to find a way to eliminate it.“ It ended. “I will not disappoint you this time master and I will surely find a way to get you back on your feet.“ He swore under his breath. A convoy accompanied him back to the city as he rode in the spacious car and his heart was racing fast. It was his first day as the manager and he felt nervous since he was going to be having a meeting with the department managers at the hotels. Outside, Nicolas, Lady Gaga, and Bradley were walking towards a
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Chapter 7
“And you, why are you still standing there? I told you to get something for me. Seems like you don't like your job right?“ He thundered revealing the outlines of his scary vines like web lines on his chest. The supervisor broke into a stutter almost as a strange shiver went down his spine. “I'm sorry sir. I will get it right away.“ He assured, pulling away swiftly from the place. “I can assure you that you are going to lose this job.“ He smiled. “Is this how you behave? Forcing your will on other people?“ “And who said that is the way to talk to your employer? Without a single trace of respect?“ He hits Eddie once again on his legs. He could feel his anger rising badly and it was getting so difficult for him to control it. He could contain any behavior in the world except from the dictator, a traitor, and a bully. They were enough to make him throw away his upbringing. “I can let you go scot-free. I have to make sure that you pay for this. And when I meant to pay. I meant to p
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Chapter 8
His words sent shockwaves down Thomas's spine, and a cold chill down his spine.He was livid as he turned towards Mr. Japheth shooting such a hard slap at him with so much force that almost made him stumble“You fool. Do you realize what you have done? Making the young masterwork as a cleaner?" Thomas shivered with fear, knowing that the Maxwell family could get them killed and no one would find out about it.Turning towards Eddie, his eyes bulged out from his head with fear. Soon, he fell to the floor and shuddered.Meanwhile, even though Mr. Japheth's face was swollen, the shock had washed the pain off his mind."Young master. But I don't understand. The young master isn't here already. There are no cars and nothing." He chimed."Guess you will do a great job courting that." Eddie returned nonchalantly, dropping the mop to the floor.Thomas snorted with anger seeing that Mr. Japheth still wasn't getting the message."I'm such a fool for employing such a fool." He growled under his
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Chapter 9
Meanwhile, at the other end of the city, loud groans filled Sophia's ears, the equal stink that could only be compared with death filled her ears.The sight made Latoya so uncomfortable that she threw up right on the spot."I think that I have to leave right away." She could not bear it any longer.Together with the guards that were right behind her, they walked out swiftly from the hall."They are in so much pain." Her secretary, Lewisa, who was also her best friend, noted."I wish I could do anything about it. I have contacted all the best-known doctors in the city, but they haven't been able to do anything." Her sigh emitted an air of sorrow, confusion, and frustration around it."What about the healer?" She Inquired further."I'm beginning to think that he is an Angel. The way that he vanished into thin air so suddenly."Lewis sighed equally, the company that had stood the test of time would certainly fold up if anything about this linked.Sophia's eyes were red with exhaustion. Sl
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Chapter 10
Their faces were washed up with so much disbelief seeing what was going on before them."How is this even possible?""I thought that he was only a poor punk.""What has he gotten to do with such a beautiful lady?" More voices stripped into Eddie's ears but he didn't care even for a single moment, his expression was more focused on Sophia.His face twitched with an odd frown as they both exchanged glances, as though they were waiting for who was going to make the first speech.Eddie leaned forward with a frown staring right into her eyes.Memories of the wanted postal that he had noticed were still fresh in his memories, his goodwill being used against him.Deemed fit a criminal with a one hundred million price. Thinking about it, his fist coiled inwards and his frown deepened even more"What do you want? It took him a lot of guts to say the words calmly, without his anger spilling over.After searching for him for a long time, Sophia and her team decided to search through every sing
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