The Festival

While emotionally involving someone or something can be gratifying, the practical implication of it was problematic. As per Cohen's request, the Butterfly was involved in the party, but how would it participate at the party was a major concern. The engineers and technicians repaired its wings. The actuators were worn off, but some of the actuator fluids were only available in the largest shipyards and they were used for deep crust mining robot arms. The fluids the creators of the butterfly used were very alien, but one thing it had was an ability to self-replication, in the UEC space self-replicating technology is very controlled, but not outright banned. The philosophy of the UEC was "if we ban things, we won't know enough to safely use them."

UEC ship, H.M.S. Alan Turing was assigned to go to the Earth after the settlement festival. Captain Probir volunteered to stay with the main team, to "cheer the colonists" however deep down, his motivation was to oversee the construction of the
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