CHAPTER FIFTY FIVE: The kind hearted ones.

"Brother, she's here already", Ashan phoned Omar as soon as his sister presented herself. She was late again, it was hard to believe, even he couldn't believe it but his sister was late to his engagement party.

It was always about her appearance, only that she had spent so much time looking for the right dress as she always believed. He was used to this but it offended him. Amal liked to look so good whenever it came down to attending occasions.

His mother had been here since morning, even though the Asghars had promised to take care of all the finances to which they had done, his mother still helped in any way that she could. It was her son after all that was getting married and as a male he ought to be able to take care of some things even if he was poor compared to the Asghars.

If not, how else was he supposed to care for such an expensive woman like his dear Nora. He knew that having Nora in his life was more than a blessing. He folded his hands in prayer and thanked his God once
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