CHAPTER FIFTY FOUR: When things begin to happen.

"Sophia! So nice of you to come", Omar greeted formally.

"So nice to have us here", she greeted formally as well, hand in hand with Fyodor's.

He nodded awkwardly. A smile on Sophia's face looked weird, for it to be directed towards him made it even weirder.

Omar turned to a child all of a sudden as he set his gaze on Angela.

"Angie sweetie! You look so good!"

This time, he respected himself and only went to hold her hand in his. With Joseph glaring by her side, he wouldn't be too surprised if the man threw their friendship into the mud and grabbed him by the collar.

Besides, he couldn't afford to create a scene. It was his sister's engagement party afterall. He had to behave himself and be happy!

"Thank you. You are not looking bad yourself", Angela commented with a little laugh.

She felt somewhat comfortable around Joseph's friends now.

"Follow me, there's one little Angel I want you to meet. Just like you, she's an Angel as well", he winked and took her hand in his to take her a
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