The Castaway Billionaire

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The Castaway Billionaire

By: Alma Saja Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Report, commander. The body of a man, with Niko as the accused, was found in the living room with extensive bruises all over." Niko couldn't move at all; he was in shock about what lay ahead. Eventually, a police officer forcibly removed Niko from the apartment to question him further. Will Niko be able to uncover the plot against him? What could be the motive behind this setup?


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Chapter 1.
Being a worker with all its busyness makes Niko rarely meet his girlfriend. Day by day, Niko spends his time at the restaurant to collect as much money as possible. For Niko, there's nothing more important than fulfilling his girlfriend's every wish. He'll give anything as long as he can."How's work today, Niko? Have you felt how harsh our boss can be when giving tasks?"Suddenly, there was a snide remark that made Niko immediately shift his gaze. It was one of his colleagues named Samuel. Sometimes, Samuel loved to gossip, especially when it came to the restaurant's owner. Someone who could be quite unreasonable with the employees. However, their boss, who was known as 'Heru Sutarmojo,' often showed generosity when it came to money."It's a fair trade-off, isn't it? The boss can be tough in terms of workload, but he's generous with money of all kinds," Niko replied, still focused on arranging plates in front of him.Samuel stood, resting his chin on his hand. What Niko said wasn't wr
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Chapter 2
Alexa visited the prison with Justin to meet Niko.Niko, leaning against the iron bars, was taken aback and quickly stood up. "Alexa, this can't be true," frustration evident on his face. He had been baffled by the unexpected turn of events all day. Murder? It was impossible. How could he, who had only accidentally stumbled upon the corpse, suddenly be accused of being the killer?"I swear I didn't do it. I didn't even touch that person," he continued.In Alexa's eyes, Niko now seemed like a man who was rambling. Justin, standing beside her, seemed entirely indifferent."It wasn't you who did it," Alexa replied casually."What?"Alexa glanced at Justin with a small smile. "I deliberately framed you. I planned it all so that you'd end up in prison."Niko fell silent upon hearing this, even his grip on the bars separating him from the two weakened."I don't want Justin to go to prison, and I'd rather have you take his place here." There was not a hint of guilt on Alexa's beautiful face.
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Chapter 3
The prison meeting room became the witness to Niko Nicholas's unexpected release and his encounter with a tall, dark-skinned man who introduced himself as Daniel. Daniel, now observing Niko behind his dark sunglasses, spoke, "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Daniel, your new assistant. I've been given orders to secure your release before the scheduled time. Your name has also been cleared of this case. So, there's nothing to worry about."Niko scrutinized Daniel with narrowed eyes. Who was he? Out of the blue, he had managed to free Niko from a sentence that should have lasted for several more years. It was highly suspicious."Assistant? I'm sorry, but I don't know you. On what basis do you suddenly claim to be my assistant and release me from these charges? Do you know what actually happened out there?" Niko couldn't contain his curiosity. He needed to know the truth. This might be another trap being set to destroy him."I've already told you; I did it on orders. For a clearer pictu
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Chapter 4
"Take my grandson to his room, Daniel. Niko surely needs some rest," ordered Surya, Niko's grandfather.Those who welcomed Niko's arrival readily agreed with Surya's command. However, a few pairs of eyes gave him disdainful looks since Niko's arrival at this house. They seemed even more displeased, thinking that Surya was too hasty in bringing in and allowing a stranger. Despite Niko being part of the family, his position in the house was relatively new."Are you sure, Dad? He's just a newcomer; it's not impossible for him to commit some crime in this house," Benny said, representing those who opposed the decision."True, Dad. What Mas Benny said isn't wrong. He's just stepped into this house, so he's essentially a stranger to our family," Alma, Benny's wife, chimed in.Surya's warm gaze, which had welcomed Niko's arrival, began to change, sharpening as it fell on everyone. Surya didn't even hear the detractors mention his grandson's name. They merely used pronouns like 'he,' even tho
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Chapter 5
The dinner party is about to begin. It's a joyful yet somewhat nerve-wracking moment for Niko as he prepares himself. He steps into the bathroom, which is as large as a personal room, with a pristine white porcelain bathtub."Wow... can I actually soak in this?" he wonders to himself, lifting one foot into the bathtub. His hand reaches out, turning the faucet, and to his surprise, hot water gushes out. "Oh, my goodness!" He quickly lifts his foot and shuts off the tap.He adjusts the water settings to warm and proceeds to undress, letting the water wash over his entire body. He doesn't forget to lather up with foamy soap.Niko had seen scenes of wealthy people bathing in luxurious facilities before, but he never imagined he would experience it himself. If a bath can be this lavish and comfortable, he can't help but wonder about the other amenities in this house.He nearly loses track of time if it weren't for the reminder of the family dinner awaiting him.After finishing his bath, he
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Chapter 6
"Wow! Who is this?"Footsteps echoed as they entered the previously quiet dining area, capturing the attention of everyone present.Niko's body tensed for a moment. Out of all the times and places, why did Alexa's affair partner have to show up now? In a completely unexpected location, no less. Niko had hoped to never cross paths with that cunning individual, let alone have any dealings with them. It seemed fate enjoyed playing games with him."What are you doing here, Scumbag? Are you looking for a new murder target? Which one of my family members are you targeting?" Justin inquired, his gaze sweeping across the room.The word "murderer" made Niko the center of attention. Almost everyone present appeared shocked and shifted uncomfortably in their seats. They swallowed Justin's words without filter. Some of them began to feel fearful, believing what Justin had said might be true.Murmurs spread through the crowd like a swarm of bees, assaulting Niko's ears. They united in blaming Niko
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Chapter 7
The small commotion in the house regarding the disagreement about whether Niko should take the position continued to be heard. Meanwhile, Niko, the man, could only sigh lazily because the debates about wealth and power in his family were still ongoing."I can't accept Papa's decision this time!" Benny exclaimed passionately.Surya immediately raised an eyebrow after hearing Benny's outburst. He didn't quite understand why Benny was so adamant in opposing Surya's decision as the eldest in the Nikholas family."What's the reason behind your rejection?" Surya asked curiously.This time, Benny fell silent upon hearing Surya's question. Justin's father tried to string words together so he could later make a strong argument to convince Surya and end the debate."Because newcomers can't be trusted, Pa. You should know that only close family members can be trusted," Benny confidently explained, as if he was certain Surya would agree with what he was saying.As a father, Arshad was naturally a
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Chapter 8
Everything became a first for Niko. The first time living in a luxurious house, bathing in an elite bathroom, dining with the extended family, and now, heading to the office. Yes, the place where he worked as the CEO. Crazy, isn't it?"I... how about my performance—ah, I mean, how to be a CEO?" Niko asked Daniel, who was sitting next to him.The latest Alphard car served as their transport to the office. Honestly, no matter how you looked at it, this luxurious car was definitely beyond what Niko could estimate based on his financial knowledge. It must be incredibly expensive.Niko, who had been sitting tensely all along, tried to relax a bit. After all, Daniel's gaze seemed to be scanning his expression. It might be very obvious that he was nervous."Hm... how to explain it, well?" Daniel mumbled to himself. "You see, there are many types of company leaders. Those who are highly dedicated also tend to have high professionalism." Seeing Niko's puzzled look, he continued, "In simple ter
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Chapter 9
Five minutes before the office hours, Daniel smoothly parked the Alphard car in front of the lobby. Recognizing the arrival, a security guard in uniform hurriedly approached and opened the car door.Niko was taken aback, his mouth slightly agape, as he gazed at the impressive company building where he would be working. It was huge and magnificent, a far cry from the restaurant where he used to work. Not a fair comparison, really.The commanding presence of Daniel made Niko close his mouth and pretend to adjust his perfectly tied tie. He was overwhelmed with nervousness."Please, Young Master," Daniel slightly bowed, gesturing for Niko to walk ahead.Taking a deep breath several times, Niko confidently stepped into the building. The air conditioning immediately hit him, making him shiver slightly. It was an unfamiliar place, but soon it might be under his leadership.Niko could feel curious glances from passing employees. As a gesture of friendliness, Niko offered a thin smile and occa
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Chapter 10
Every sentence spoken by Niko seemed to silence Elina. The marketing employee appeared helpless as Niko always hit the mark."You—" Niko didn't continue his words because Daniel suddenly arrived."Apologies, Young Master. You must return to the room immediately as Mr. Arshad is waiting."Niko was annoyed by Daniel's intrusion, but he couldn't do much because staying here longer would affect Daniel."Now?"Without hesitation, Daniel nodded. Without time to spare, Daniel would likely be less composed. No need to search for his young master."This time, you're safe. Just pray you won't cross paths with me again," Niko warned menacingly.Elina dared not respond to Niko's words. It turned out the man was quite intimidating when he was serious. Elina's significant mistake on the road had provoked Niko's anger.The two of them walked together towards the exclusive elevator used by the company's top executives. There was no conversation between the two men because they were unsure what to tal
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