Chapter 5504
Christian accompanied Lady Acker to the old mansion Charlie’s parents used to stay in twenty minutes later.

The Ackers’ convoy quickly left Willow Manor and headed for the city of Aurous Hill. At the same time, Charlie was also driving from the city in the direction of Willow Manor.

He planned to go to Champs Elys Resort, and the straight-line distance between Willow Manor and Champs Elys Resort was very close, only separated by two mountains. Therefore, most of the journey from the city to Willow Manor and from the city to Champs Elys Resort overlapped.

When Charlie was on the highway out of the city, he saw an oncoming convoy coming from the opposite direction.

Before he set off, Merlin had sent him a text message to inform him that his grandmother would be visiting the old mansion his parents used to stay in today. Therefore, even though the two parties passed each other at extremely fast speeds, Charlie could still tell that this was the Ackers’ convoy.

However, Charlie was
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