The El Man movie produced by the famous Jacob Sterling and acted by many top actors just released today.

This was the movie that Adam and Evelyn put a lot of hopes on because they invested into the catering businesses across the city. If the movie were to succeed, they would earn multiple times of profit. If the movie were to become an average hit, they wouldn’t lose any money. Since the producer had a record of making every single one of his movies a blockbuster hit, Adam and Evelyn were fully confident in this movie, which was also the movie with the highest budget of all time.

Both Evelyn and Adam went to the theater, but to their shock, Reena was there. She got a seat right next to Adam.

With Evelyn on one side, and then Reena rubbing her foot from the other side, Adam almost went crazy. If Evelyn were to notice, what would she think? He surreptitiously glanced at Reena, trying to tell her to stop acting childish, but she seemed to be having fun from putting Adam in a tough spot.
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