Chapter 9

[Tutorial Completed]

[Progress = 100%]

[Congratulations User! On completing the Tutorial]

[Objective Updated : Clear the Dungeon (The home of the Nine Tails)

The Pitch black emptiness of the abyss changed to white for a second and then returned to being the same again. A whole Electromagnetic pulse went throughout the abyss and Marcus's ear rang.

The Plain rocky ground changed and expanded, hundreds of Trees emerged from within the ground. It looked like a full fledged forest. 

Marcus was standing on the Circle. He was not surprised anymore. He had heard the system reporting new objectives, So this must be the next one. He calmed down and sat on the Circle. 


Marcus called his status window once again and scrolled to his Durability section. Previously he had heard the system report something about his Durability. When he selected his Durability  his eyebrows went up. 

[Durability : 100 ceptillion(+1000 Ceptillion) LIMIT BREAK AVAILABLE]

"Limit break?" Marcus had heard about Limit breaks from Devi comics. "Breaker?" He remembered the volume in which this happened. It was a special event where the Main character reaches his Limit and breaks past it, giving him immense power which is able to annihilate galaxies.

He then clicked on the 'Limit break available' option.

[Break Past Limit? Y/N]

The system popped up a new message.

Marcus hesitated for a second and thought about the aftermath. It wouldn't probably harm him anyway, He thought. After all it was just his  Durability. Marcus clicked on Y and the system echoed once more. 

[Limit Breaking in 3..2..1]

"Arghhhh.." His head felt like it was going to burst. 

It settled after a few seconds and Marcus sat on his back on the ground holding his head.


"THAT HURT!!" After a minute of rubbing his head he stood up.


Marcus once again called out to the system and it replied like always.

The window popped up and he started scrolling frantically to his Durability option.

Instead of showing his Durability level, it now had a familiar sign against it.

[Durability : ∞, (Infinity break, Nihility in 10000)

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW" Marcus exclaimed as soon as he saw the infinity sign. 

"That means am invincible now right?"

[For the time being yes]   was the reply by the system.

Marcus stared blankly at the air.

"What do you mean system?"

[The User cannot be harmed by anyone beside the user itself..]

"Then, That does mean, I am Invinci...."

[But....The user can be hurt badly or even killed in action if the Attacker has an Attack range of Infinity break or Nihility break]

"Oh..." Marcus grabbed his chin at those words and started thinking. 

"Tell me system..which is the highest Stat range"

[There are 3 types of Stat Ranges

 1. Limit break

 2. Infinity Break

 3. Nihility Break ]

"Hm, Continue"

[The user is currently at Limit break, and has developed your physique to a level which cannot be harmed by Enemies below or at the same range level of the user]

"How much can I increase my stat range in this Tutorial Dungeon?"

[The user can Increase his range till Half of the Infinity break range]

"Only that much?"

[Yes, And for the time being the User has overcome 99% of the previous trial users]

"What? There were more people before me?"

[Yes, about 349 and the current user is the 350th]

Marcus started questioning himself and his trust on The Flame Emperor started crumbling.

"That Old Geezer, He's gonna get it once I return"

Marcus broke down a whole bunch of trees with just a tap of his finger and the shockwave. The trees respawned within a few seconds. 

"I defeated 99% of the previous users already? whose that 1%"

[Yes you did, 99% of the previous users were unsuccessful in clearing the 1rst Tutorial objective, As for the 1% It was A genius from another world.....That's all the User can know, the rest of the information is banned]

"Woah, You mean, Humans are not alone in this world?" 


"Interesting" Marcus rubbed his chin and grinned.

"Elves and Dryads, kekekekekkekeke" Marcus laughed as he thought about the fictional races he read in the Comics. 


[Please stop being a Pervert] 

The system echoed in his mind.

"Shut up, I am not being a pervert"

*Drool* kekekekekek

*Zzap* *Shock*

"Aargh, What's that????!"

[The system can take measures to control their host and make sure they behave themselves properly]

"That was not all"



"Sorry... Aargh I get it!! tell me about the objective..About the objective!!!!"

[Objective : Clear the Dungeon (The Home of the Nine tails)]

[Progress : 0%]

When he heard the name, his heart felt heavy and a small feeling of familiarity rose in his chest. 

"The Home of the Nine tails....I've heard it somewhere.." 

Thinking hard about it, he stepped out of the respawn circle.

[You Died]


Marcus respawned in the Circle again. He blinked several times. Looking around he stood up slowly. 

"What was that?" 

He step out of the circle again.


[You Died]

He respawned again. 

"What the fu*k??"

This time he stormed out of the circle.

[You Died]


This time he barged out waving his fists all around.

[You Died]


[You Died]


[You Died]

This went on for like forever and Marcus lost his cool and almost destroyed the Circle.

[You Died]

[You Died]

[You Died]

[You Died]

[You Died]

[You Died]

[You Died]

Marcus who had given up was lying on the ground inside the circle.


"Think Marcus, this is not you...Maybe this is what they want, the Dungeon wants, be cool Marcus, think straight."

Marcus rubbed his head and thought, his eyes closed. His memory drifted to his time in the Academy. 

'Dungeon history class' His thoughts were blurry, but he could make out the words. 

'Today we'll study about the SC ranked Dungeon. 

The Home of the Nine tails'

His eyes opened and he gasped. 

"Noooo, Not that one!!" he jolted up straight and looked around. 

It was all trees which were surrounding him. It was a forest. Dry leaves were scattered all around the ground. 

"This...This Is the friking Home of the Nine Tailed Demon Foxes!"


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