Chapter 49

It was the Zeus's Lighning bolt. 


Marcus was thankful to the lightning bolt he was holding in his hand now. It was his regular habit now....To check whatever he had in the Inventory, just for his sake and Voila, he noticed the Lightning Bolt which he had got recently.

Now that he thought about it, this weapon was good, too good that it blew away nine God Slayer Prime ranked Monsters. 

The lightning which just went all out wasn't even an attack!. It was caused when he pulled it out of his inventory. 

It probably had the Explosive Entry Buff. 

Marcus nodded, He knew the consequences if he pulled this out in a crowd. So he carefully placed it back to his inventory with utmost care.  




Marcus snapped at the sound and turned. All nine of them had their head down, bowing to him as they knelt, their bare knees on the Rocky uneven Floor. 

Marcus, with a proud and a smug l

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