Chapter 63

The Driver shot up, surprised. The Carriage raced against the wind as it sped through the dirt road towards the city.

"Tell Raka, That I'll meet him soon in the Academy" 

Marcus relaxed himself back on the soft cushion and closed his eyes for a moment. 

His eyes seemed to burn because of the sun hitting on the. through the window. 

Well the thing that mattered now was...How the hell did he find about the driver??. The Driver was sweating. How'd he manage to find it out???, The Driver's thoughts were madly dancing inside his head as the carriage picked up speed. 

They were finally on the concrete paved road when a familiar someone spoke inside his mind (Driver's)

"It was easy old man, Don't worry. I am not going to do anything to you" 

It was Marcus's voice. The driver turned to look through the opening. But he was sleeping on the cushion.&nb

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