Chapter 62

"Thank you for the food"

Marcus thanked and rose up from his chair. With two long strides he reached the wash basin. The water cleansed his 'masala' wrapped fingers as he ran them through his palm crevices. 

The Time for the battle was nearing as the clock on the wall his two in the afternoon. Marcus made way for his parents to wash theirs and helped his little sister Evy to wash her's by picking her up. 

Evy landed a kiss on Marcus's cheek after she cleaned her hands. 

Marcus smiled and slowly let her down. She smiled in return and thanked him. 

Iris was next to him, pouting at him and holding out her arms as if she were a baby. 

"Oh c'mon, Hehe Iris you're literally 10 !"

Marcus chuckled. 

The pouting vanished and her eyes went round like a cat pleading for a meal. No one, even Marcus couldn't argue over that. 


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