Tutor Of Torture

The Demon commenced his maniacal laugh as he zeroed his distance to Marcus. He yanked the chains strapped all over Marcus with his obsidian hand and hurled his levitating body into the door...  into the blinding lights. 





It was bright. Maybe too bright for Marcus's eyes that it almost took a whole minute for him to adjust to the light which greeted his eyes. 

Yes, His powers were taken from him, So it made sense as to why his eyes took time to get along with the radiance. 

Radiance?. Maybe not. The brightness before him existed just for a moment as the vision dulled yet again, carrying his eyes to a familiar, rocky floor.

He still wasn't fully awake from his shock of getting thrown into the light by his inner demon. It was alarming somehow, even the light, it seemed to scrape his body a bit. 

"Where am I now?"&nbs

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