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"You'll die in this pathetic state of yours Marcus..."

The Inner Demon chuckled.

"Hm??... Are you sure about that??"

Marcus's voice was like a striking bell to the demons as they almost lost balance because of the pressure Marcus gave out.

"I got something you never would have expected me to receive my demons!!"


Marcus roared as he snapped his fingers.

[Using all of the gift capsules]

The system pinged.


[Useless CR Cheat Perk: Demise To Power]

[Demise To Power explained below]

[Demise To Power is called a Useless CR Cheat Perk because it's simply impossible for a mortal to achieve. This perk is very powerful but it cannot bring out its power because there is no 'alive' user who can inherit this. It is simply preposterous. It will be inefficacious... until or unless the user who inherits this power had died at least one time]

[Demise To Power increases the user's strength 5 fold per death. It will be a very overpowered perk if it reaches the perfect and compatible user.]
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