Red Stripes On The Silver Moon

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Red Stripes On The Silver Moon

By: Cephano Kiss OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"At your darkest hour, when all seems lost and there is no hope of light. When you feel the darkness pressing in on you from every side, when you find yourself standing on the precipice of oblivion, A Hero will descend from the Moon. His glittering silver face will cast a bright light upon your path. Avoid him, but it will be impossible. You will thrive hard to run... that's when the beast in you will Awake, and you'll meet the real you". People say she's Beautiful when she smiles, but unfortunately, life isn't funny to her in any way. Poor Freya. At the age of Nine, she lost her parents in a day, making her live a life of torture with her Uncle. She was tossed out of the house at midnight into the ferocious rain after being beaten, stripped, scratched with whips, and tormented without cause by her uncle's wife. Bracing her difficulties and keeping her mother's last words in her heart. In an iconic scenario, she met a Wolf whom they both had two things in common. Rejected and Devastated. They face their terrible fates together, walking together till she becomes his Human Luna. Impossible?

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Ep 1
Freya's POVShe twirls and twirls till her wrathful gaze drops on me."You're an eyesore to this family, the worst blunder your father has ever made. Freya, you're nothing but rotten luck for us "She yelled at me at the top of her lungs, her red-hot eyebrows furrowed.I froze in place as her words slammed into me like a hammer. My mouth shivered involuntarily and my eyes were wide open. My heart was racing inside my chest as if it wanted to break free from its confinement. "You are not allowed here anymore, so get out! Get out now!" She yelled again, as loud as she possibly could. This time, I couldn't endure it anymore, I might die at this rate if I keep on enduring all these endless pains.With trembling hands, I grabbed the bag containing all my stuff and rushed towards the door. But before I could reach for the handle, someone pushed me hard from behind. The force of the push sent me flying into the wall, making me fall to the floor. "Are you truly leaving with all that stuff
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Ep 2
A big couch lay in a vast dark room, with a man on it, sipping whiskey slowly and looking out the window with his eyes half closed and his legs crossed on each other grandly.He suddenly shoved his hands hard on the glass of whiskey in his palms, and the glass shattered into shards, with red liquids oozing from his fingertips. "The Full Moon will be out soon, I could sense horror approaching at a high speed", he grumbled as he rose on his feet, grabbed the crimson blade hung behind the doorway and he stripped it into his waist quiver. "Once the Full Moon is activated by the Heavens, my marble will be spotted by all the wolves of the earth, including these draconic dark wolves who sent me out of their pack for not having the same dark furs as them. I swear on my Mum, you'll never get your hands on it", he whimpered as he beat his chest and sprinted out of his room. He's Tigreal, the universe's lone Silver wolf; possibly there are others?He wasn't sure because he'd never met s
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Ep 3
Freya's POVWhen it reaches near enough distance, I realize that it's actually a person walking towards me.I was frozen with fear, I fear humans more than wild animals.My heart skipped a beat and began beating faster than normal. I held my breath, trying to conceal the sound of my heartbeat, hoping that the intruder wouldn't hear it.The stranger slowly approached me without making any noise. I could smell his scent and taste his presence. It smelled like man and sweat mixed.He stopped right in front of me and stood still for a moment, staring into my eyes as if searching for something. His gaze was intense and frightening.His features are rugged and masculine, he wore a black leather jacket with red lining on the collar and cuffs. On his left side is a dagger strapped to his waist. Something looks weird to me, I could feel it, and my sense assured me that he wasn't a human.A normal man wouldn't have walked so comfortably in such a dark forest around that time without torches o
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Ep 4
All the way back home, Tigreal kept on asking himself this question about this human girl. "Did her appearance today work in my favor? Or to my implications?"These were the questions he kept asking himself, without finding an answer to them. Journey back home from The Bronx to Brooklyn that night took them hours, in which He spent half of it peering at the girl's face where he laid her in the back seat. "According to my assumption, she must be in her twenties. Looking at her from head to toe, she's a broken girl, a totally disheartened one like me", Tig mumbled in a concerned tone. Tigreal got lost in thoughts, as he started soliloquizing and his thoughts started escaping through his lips. "Her hair was roughly cut short, and her skin seemed pale due to lack of sunlight exposure. She wore a simple white dress in which half of it was torn and his shoe revealed how much she'd suffered. I could smell the heavy infliction of the rain on her, as she was shivering consistently
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Ep 5
Freya's POV"Gosh, my head hurts...when did I get home last night..., I mumbled out of slumber, stretching my arms wide away from my body.The ray of lights peeping through the window blinded my eyes, as I overlay my palms on my face, trying to get rid of my lethargy.Regaining my consciousness, I opened my eyes slowly, only to find myself on a soft bed with fluffy pillowsI tried to sit up, but I found myself unable to move my limbs As if I was trapped in a web of blankets and sheets.I was really sleepy, I could feel my eyelids drooping down again, but I forced myself to stay awake, trying my best to recall what was happening to me. Everything was cool until I looked around the room, actually the most beautiful bedroom that I'd ever seen in my entire life.The walls were painted white, the floor was covered in black carpet and the ceiling was high above, giving the impression that the room was spacious. "How did I end up here?", I asked myself, as I struggled hard and sit righ
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Ep 6
Freya's POVMy heartbeat raced faster and I could feel my skin turning cold."I'll die?" I asked him in a trembling voice, as I stared at him with my eyes wide open.Perhaps my guess from the start is actually the truth, "He must be a Vampire". Maybe he brought me here to enjoy his breakfast without anyone disturbing him, perhaps I finally landed in the hand of a predator. My headaches terribly, as I stared at him with wide eyes."Yes, you will die.......if you don't have my wolf marble removed from your belly in time. You'll die", he replied. "He's a lunatic", I concluded.I'm sure a nineteen-year-old girl like me wouldn't have eaten a stone without knowing, it's quite impossible. "Right, I haven't introduced myself yet. I Am A Wolf. Your world called it Lycanthrope", he replied in a serious tone which got me much more confused. At least, people don't normally joke these days with such absurd fairy tales. "Ooooh...I see", I replied to him as I started moving slightly ba
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Ep 7
Freya's POVMy rumbling stomach woke me up where I slept, still in my bed. I could feel my head throbbing painfully.I opened my eyes slowly and saw a figure sitting beside me on the bed, with his eyes locked on mine.At first, I thought it was merely a dream, but not until the memories of my encounter with a monster surged back into my head, I jumped out of bed with fear, and my heart pounded wildly."You....... you're.....", I stuttered continuously with fear, as I dashed to one corner of the room, with my head hidden between my thighs. I couldn't imagine seeing his beastful transformation again. I peeped my head slowly out of my thighs, only to see him grinning in a mockery manner. "Do you really find me scary?, Or did I frighten you too much?", he asked me."No, no! Not at all", I lied through my teeth as I shook my head vigorously."Just let me go..... please", I pleaded as tears began forming in my eyes."But why? Do you dislike being with me so much?", he asked me with co
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Ep 8
Freya's POVThe journey from Brooklyn to Irving Place is quite long. After four stops, I reached the last stop, where I alighted and ran away from the crowd to the nearest alleyway.It took me five minutes to walk before I reached Christine's place, in which I spent every minute of it in fear. "This monster stole away my peace", I mumbled to myself, as I approached the front yard of the building.Every shadow looked like a monster to me, and every standing tree and shrub looked like a beast to my eyes.I tried to open the door, but failed miserably; Christine would've never changed the password to unlock the door without telling me since she knew I visited her whenever I wanted to anyway.After trying three times, I decided to try calling her number. Without delay, I dialed her number and it rang, five different times without her answering the call. I was confused about what was happening, it was 8:54 pm, Christine will never stay that late outside. "Is she inside and intentio
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Ep 9
Freya's POV Her ears twitched rapidly as she peered at me in bewilderment, like a hare whose eye had found a carrot."Seriously?" she shouted, her eyes wide open and her mouth gaping agape.My head nodded enthusiastically.YES, I DID IT!Her reaction made me feel good inside, knowing that I have finally managed to convince her. However, she seemed skeptical as well. Her eyebrows are knitted together, giving her a look of doubtfulness. Now is the time for me to add more lies to convince her totally. Of course, I trust Christine, she can detect my lies anytime if I'm not careful."So you want to stay here for the night? You've eaten?", She asked me with a bright grin on her face.Now It seems my lies are working more than my imagination. Like a cool innocent girl, I nodded in acceptance. "Yes, I've eaten...I ate hamburgers in the afternoon, of course, half loaf is better than none", I replied in a silent pitched tone to crown my lies. "Ooooh sorry dear.....that means you're into
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Ep 10
Tigreal was sitting peacefully on his long sofa, holding a glass of champagne and enjoying the appeasing mood when he felt a puzzling sensation all over his body. His body trembled incessantly as if there was an electric current going through it. Except for his head, his body became inactive. He felt as if his brain seemed to be drained out through the top of his skull. "My Marble Is In Danger"He marveled as his body jerked and shuddered uncontrollably until he finally collapsed onto the floor.He was in this state for almost ten minutes before I could stand again without falling or passing out from exhaustion. "I could sense the danger lurking around my Marble, I could sense the negative energies lurking around it. Had I known, I shouldn't have allowed that naive and oblivious girl to leave on her own", Tigreal muttered regretfully. Tigreal was in his room earlier, viewing her life through the camera installed beneath the ceiling fan.Watching how she consumed such a big
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