Ch 59: One Bite it takes to turn another

The waitress yells screaming right after announcing what the ugly, nasty, and undead creature known as a ghoul in the same room Hobert and her were sharing.

Thanks to the careless screaming she was the first to be attacked by the ghoul jumping onto her as she fell backwards when the creature got on. What follows next is the sound of more screams than the sound of pain because of the ghoul's sharp teeth digging into her flesh and tearing away a piece.

Hobert got jump scared falling to the other side of the bed and hitting hard onto the wooden floor when the back of the head met and greeted him.

“Ow fuck! That hurts,” he says, complaining about it.

Yet Hobert does not forget the threat inside the room which was already done with its first victim. Jumping back on the bed looking right at him with that bloody face is putting in some more fear to the heart.

It let out that nasty sound and then went charging forward to feast on his flesh next, Hobert thought right then and there his life wa
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