The Cursed Milliader

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The Cursed Milliader

By: Anana-chan CompletedUrban/Realistic

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What happens if you, who are wealthy and have many possessions, fall into poverty? Alex, a billionaire, is poverty-stricken. He inhabits the body of a hated son-in-law. Alex was murdered when he caught his wife having an affair. When the bullet hit his body, he was instantly transported into the body of a poor man named Adam. He must exact vengeance and assist Adam, the disgraced son-in-law, in gaining a reputation. A system appeared before him, and he had to carry out a mission to keep his body alive. In Adam's body, Alex must also help the despicable son-in-law gain recognition in the Queni family. While on a mission to get life points, he also met a beautiful woman named Hana. Apparently, the woman is an angel of death. Meeting Hana, the angel of life, and Alex being able to see the last moment with a loved one.

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133 chapters
"Sorry Alex, Miss Diana hasn't arrived yet." A cup of Vodka was placed on the table."What time is it?""Eleven o'clock at night, Sir!" The man in the black suit lowered his body while looking at his watch. He looked at Alex once more."Is she with that man?""My wife is having an affair, is that right?"His jaw hardened. Mr. Abraham was silent. He didn't dare to answer even though the entire Xavier family knew that the great miss Diana had been with another man."Tell me, Abraham!""Is my wife having an affair or is this gossip?" Alex's eyeballs stared at Abraham. He was waiting for an explanation now."Tell me!"Alex in one fluid motion pulled Abraham's arm closer to his face. The man called Abraham was frightened."I don't know Sir, according to some people, Miss Diana is having an affair."Alex hissed. He walked away from Abraham. He grabbed his gun and walked out of the room."Come with me!""Order the bodyguards to come with me!""We're going to search that bastard's apartment!"
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I'm Adam Browns
"Whose face is this?" said Alex as he watched his face in the mirror. The room he was currently in was shabby. Unlike his luxurious and well-equipped room."Adam!""Useless son-in-law, come here!" the voice shouted. Alex glanced back. He frowned not understanding."Adam?""Who is he?"Alex walked toward the source of the voice. He rounded his eyes to see a middle-aged woman shuffling in front of the door."Useless son-in-law!""Don't you ever think that I already bought my daughter diamonds, why can't you give diamonds to her?"Alex was silent for a moment. She was trapped in the body of a useless son-in-law. What a pity. Is this a curse? Was it God's curse because he was always wasting his money?"Adam!"Alex let out a long breath. "I'm going to buy your daughter diamonds, Mistress.""When?""Being a servant, can you afford to buy my daughter diamonds? Don't make excuses, it!"The middle-aged woman pushed Adam's body and almost fell over. She walked towards her room. A beautiful woma
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Son In Law
"It's 2023?" Alex repeated that. He understood well that he was in 2015 and was about to kill his wife who was having an affair. But why was he thrown into the future in the body of a poor man like Adam?"Don't daydream, Adam, a very rich man is coming with his wife. He's a loyal customer of ours. Don't make trouble with him!" the man exclaimed.Adam tried to clear the table of former customers. A sexy woman soon walked into the cafe. She sat on a chair with a haughty face."I hope he dies soon.""He's been unconscious for years." Adam heard the woman's words."Yes, Alex should die." Alex's eyes widened as he recognized the beautiful woman's face. she is Diana. Without thinking. Diana embraced Marco's body and kissed the man's cheek in public.Adam clenched his hands."Damn, they're here. How did God put me together with that demon woman?" Adam tried to contain himself. He was in another man's body. If only he could hit Marco, then now would be the best time for him to do so."Never
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Everyone in the room sneered at Adam. They whispered. Many said how poor Adam was in Juni's family. An orphaned man with no family."Juni, let's go home!"In his former life, Alex was a powerful man and everyone adored him. He was cursed to be in the body of a poor, despicable man. What kind of bad luck is this? He thought to himself.Juni brushed Adam's hand away. He stepped away."Don't embarrass me, go if you want to go!""Don't invite me, I'm very embarrassed by your presence right now!" Juni sneered. Abigail, Juni's eldest sister spoke up.She looked at Adam from head to toe."Look at you, how despicable you are, Adam.""You humiliate your wife at this big event, don't you ever think of working hard to buy her an honorable gift?"Abigail spat in front of Adam."You're poor, living in your family so people will respect you," she continued.Inside Adam, Alex couldn't stand the insults at all."Go away!""Don't come again. I will match my sister with a handsome and rich man. Not lik
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"Coma?""No way!"Adam shot the guard an incredulous look."Go away!""You poor bloke, don't stay here. If you don't want to leave, I'll throw you out!" he said then. Adam turned round and left immediately. He looked down at the luxurious building. Back then, everyone seemed to respect him. Even when Alex told them to lick his shoes they would.But alas, he was a poor man with no honor.A silver car drove in front of him. Adam frowned. It stopped in the lobby. Diana got out with Marco. They were laughing and looked happy. Adam clenched his hands."How can she look happy when up there, her body is in critical condition?""Her soul moved and now she's in agony.""God, Adam, why are you so poor that I can't pay them back?" Alex muttered to himself. He punched Adam's body. The place where he was trapped.Diana stopped her steps. She looked back."Honey, what are you looking at?"Diana continued to stare at Adam."Honey, that man keeps looking at us. He's a waiter at Nomma's cafe, isn't he
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Adam looked at the address Diana had given him. He smiled."Thank you Miss!" he said kindly and hurried away. Adam vowed to make Diana pay for her behavior. He had to meet with Abraham and tell his assistant all about it.Adam went back to his house as it was very late. Juni must be waiting for him despite his wife's nagging."Are you home?""Don't you want to be here? Why come out of Dominic's shop? My father went to great lengths to persuade him to take you in," she explained.Adam let out a long sigh."Juni, I want to find another job. Don't talk so much, I'm tired of listening!" Adam walked past her. Juni's brow furrowed."So, you want to go to the office tomorrow?""Oh yeah, Herry got the manager position at my dad's office. As a token of gratitude, he invited us."Adam, who was about to enter the room, stopped his steps. He looked at Juni with an incredulous expression."Herry, who is he?"Adam had a problem with Herry in the past. But Alex didn't know that."Herry?""You don't
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"Diana, what are you thinking?""9 years, why don't you divorce Alex and marry me?" Marco hugged Diana's waist from behind. He looked at the beautiful woman.Diana brushed off Marco's hug and moved away. Something was bothering her at the moment. But she didn't know. She didn't know what it was either."Looks like Adam isn't an ordinary person,""What do you mean?"He didn't understand. Diana was his girlfriend. They had been together for a long time even though Diana was married to Alex. There was no love in their marriage. Diana accepted Alex as her husband because he was rich.Besides, Diana could continue her career as a top artiste. "What do you mean, Diana?" asked Marco.Diana took a deep breath and exhaled. She sat down on the sofa. "What if Alex wakes up one day? Does he even know that I'm cheating on him?"Mr. Toni will not give Alex's property to me. Even when Alex dies, it won't pass into my hands.Marco laughed at his lover's words."Are you afraid of that?""I have money,
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Adam looked at Abigail. "It could be, couldn't it? You don't have any money. Don't tell me if you want to steal, it's embarrassing for the family."Adam ignored her. He walked to the exit. Abigail continued to sneer. "You shouldn't have married a poor, useless man like him in the first place, Juni.""You're beautiful, and young, and many men would be attracted to you," Adam was listening to all this. But he didn't care."Well, I'll buy that woman diamonds, to make this body respectable in the eyes of her family," Alex muttered. He had to thank Adam for being willing to borrow his body for a dangerous mission.***"Abraham, do you still have the black card I gave you last time?" He got up from his seat and walked towards the cupboard. His hand trembled as he handed Adam his black card."I need it.""I'm going to buy diamonds for another woman. Of course, the woman is Adam's wife. What a pity for this body, insulted every day. I can't even bear to listen to it.""Sir!""When will you a
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Fake Diamond
Juni's eyes lit up as she looked at the fancy diamonds Adam was holding. Abigail almost fainted looking at the box. She couldn't believe that Adam had bought diamonds for his wife. It was impossible and until now, it hadn't entered her mind."You stole, didn't you?""tell me if you stole, I know it!"She believed that Adam was stealing. There was no way he had the money to buy diamonds. It was impossible.The whole Yun family rushed over to the diamond. Adam had brought the diamonds to the family gathering."Look, is this fake or not?"Abigail touched the diamond. "Real?"She didn't believe Adam had the money to buy diamonds."Did you steal it?""Or is this diamond fake?""It's impossible for you to have the money to buy diamonds. I can't believe it. My sister, June. Don't trust your husband. He must be lying to you. He must be stealing. We don't know what he does outside."June looked down. She was confused."Hi, Adam!""Herry could have bought these expensive diamonds instead of you
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"Juni tonight Hery has invited us to dinner. Invite your husband to come along. I hope he's motivated to be successful like Hery. I suspect that he stole the diamond.""He has no money Juni, where did he get the money to buy you the diamond?"Juni thought about what Abigail said."But sister, that diamond is a real diamond.""He didn't lie, she bought real diamonds!" Juni had already checked the authenticity of the diamonds Adam gave her. She also didn't think that her poor husband could buy diamonds."I'm sure he stole them.""Adam is poor, useless, how can you believe that!""Never mind, I hope he comes to Herry's show, we'll see what he can do."Abigail walked out of the house. She was very curious about the diamonds that Adam had bought. Adam wasn't lying. But Abigail was sure that the diamonds Adam had given her were fake. wait until Adam is humiliated in the living room. Abigail was sure of her views.Juni sat on the sofa and was pensive. In her hand was a fancy diamond."Did he
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