Chapter 93


Hera returned to Alpha Luca's mansion drunk and weary. A party was thrown in the human world and she had gone there to have her fill, together with her brother and Lord Valentine. Alpha Luca was the one who suggested they grace the event since there were less interesting things to do at that time in their realm, so they went to the party and Hera got drunk.

Hera left the event without Alpha Luca and Lord Valentine's notice. She managed to find her way back home even though she was in a terrible state.

When she returned to the mansion, she was greeted by its emptiness and unknown to her, Pete was in the building. She made her way to her brother's room and fell on the couch and after some minutes, she staggered to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Pete had arrived that night earlier than Hera and had parked his car in Luca's garage after completing an assignment. He went into the house and when he walked upstairs, he heard the sound of water flowing from the shower. He t
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