Chapter 94

"Well, well, well," Pete said with a mischievous smile as he stood up from the chair he was sitting on. "If it isn't the dangerous trio, Lord Valentine, Lord Romeo and the one who betrayed me, Alpha Luca." He said the last part and giggled, as he stared daggers at Alpha Luca.

"Betrayed you?" Alpha Luca said and folded his arms. "I betrayed you, or it was you who betrayed me?"

Pete acted like he didn't hear what he said, so he just walked around his chair slowly as he stared at the trio, who were about five feet away and were also staring at him. "I had a feeling you would find me sooner, but it was a shame. I was disappointed that you didn't. I guess you three are getting old after all," he said and chuckled, trying to trigger them to get angry or something. Meanwhile, the trio just stood there staring at him. They were still shocked to see him alive, most especially Lord Valentine. Seeing that they didn't say anything still, he continued. "You three were a bit slower than I thought.
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