The Fortune System: Son of Wealth

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The Fortune System: Son of Wealth

By: UrekSenpa1 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Nathan Hunt, a young man burdened by his father's debt and trapped in a loveless marriage to the daughter of his tormentors, finds his life turned upside down when a pair of inherited dice unlock a powerful family secret - The Fortune System (FORST). This sentient system promises wealth and freedom, but at a cost: weekly challenges with unpredictable rewards and punishments. Driven by the promise of vengeance and a desperate need to reclaim his life and rescue his sister who's also a slave with his in-laws, Nathan embraces the FORST's gamble. Each roll of the dice unlocks not just wealth, but the perfect means for retribution and revenge. It's time to take revenge, time to take over their world, time to make them pay.

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The Revelation
The Nashville estate sprawled out in tranquility, guards casually patrolling the grounds. Their footsteps created a rhythmic echo, the only audible cadence in the serene surroundings.Amidst the magnificent structures, an air of quietude enveloped the estate. The hush, both comforting and unsettling, extended across the entire property. Even the central building, the hub for crucial meetings and gatherings, echoed with the same stillness that resonated through the vastness of the estate. The peace hung in the air like a delicate balance, undisturbed yet carrying a subtle tension that added a layer of intrigue to the otherwise calm scene.The central building, a marvel crafted by skilled experts, showcased its magnificence with a breathtaking design that spanned six stories. With both an internal elevator and an external one, it stood as a testament to architectural prowess.Internally, the building unfolded as a tapestry of intricate designs, tailored to the unique specifications of t
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The Confrontation
Nathan Hunt entered into matrimony with the Nashville family for a singular reason—the alluring offer encapsulated within the marriage contract.Originating from a modest family of four, Nathan's roots lay in the realm of the lower class. His immediate family consisted of himself, his father, mother, and a younger sister.Despite their financial struggles, Nathan's family managed to afford the basic necessities such as food, clothing, and even education. Their living situation offered some stability, as they owned the five-bedroom apartment where they resided, eliminating the burden of rent.The pivotal moment in Nathan's life came with a proposition from his father-in-law, Haden. "Marry my daughter, and two-thirds of your father's debt would be cleared. In return, treat her like a queen and grant whatever she requests." These words had marked the inception of a significant chapter in Nathan's journey, intertwining his fate with the Nashville family.The same man who falsely accused h
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The Catalyst
“Love is blind? Indeed. That's why I fell for their bullshit in the first place.”“Love is a beautiful thing? Whoever said that was drugged when such words left their mouth.”Love hurts? That's a fact!”“I should've just refused when I was offered the contract… No, I didn't have a choice the moment it was offered to me. My fate had been sealed from that second.”“Damn it all!”Within the confines of a six-meter squared room, with stone walls and a muddied floor, a young male voice muttered words audible only to himself."All this nonsense wouldn't have happened in the first place if I'd been rich enough to pay off the debt!"Thud!At the end of his statement, a loud sound resonated, suggesting something was thrown to the floor."Fuck! That hurt!" The male voice cursed as the owner struggled up from the muddied floor, rubbing his forehead with his only functioning hand.Nathan had woken up to broken body parts, each movement sending waves of pain through him. With great effort, he mana
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Nathan's body lay still on the ground, motionless for an enduring thirty minutes. The air held a palpable stillness, broken only by the faint ticking of a distant clock. Then, a heartbeat echoed through the room, breaking the silence like a gentle drum.Minutes later, a more robust heartbeat reverberated, sending a subtle pulse that seemed to resonate throughout the entire room. The stillness of Nathan's form was interrupted, and the steady rhythm hinted at a resurgence of life, casting a hopeful shadow over the once-muted scene.Half a minute crawled by, marking the arrival of another heartbeat. Soon, Nathan's pulse regained its regular cadence, but a subtle shift lingered in the air – each heartbeat resonated with newfound strength.A gasp escaped, a breathy punctuation in the room's stillness. Then, a prolonged, deep intake of air echoed as Nathan wrestled back to life. Swiftly rising from the ground, he scurried to the wall, settling into a lotus position. Even in his seated repos
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Debt Settlement
Winston sat on his chair within a specific room on the bottom floor of the central building, dressed in his pyjamas as it was the middle of the night.He had summoned Nathan from where he was confined, and now the miserable husband of his most beautiful granddaughter stood before him with scarlet-red skin and torn clothes. Winston prepared to address the individual who had garnered his attention, the attention of the family head.With a few hours remaining before dawn, the pervasive stillness of slumber enveloped the surroundings, rendering every corner silent.Within the room, five individuals occupied the space. Winston's son, Haden, who also happened to be Nathan's father-in-law, stood alongside Nathan. Two special security guards stood watch, a precautionary measure in case Nathan decided to act out of line.Nathan stood before Winston with his subtle, newfound grin—a touch of confidence that added a certain charm to his demeanor. To Winston and Haden, however, it felt like Nathan
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