Twisted paths

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Twisted paths

By: Lotanna OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Ryan was the adopted child of the Carter family but was hated by his foster mother. He went through a series of humiliations and maltreatment from his foster mother, which only worsened after she was finally able to conceive and have her own children. However, just before Mr. Carter's death, he discovered that Ryan was his legitimate child whom he had lost years ago in a flood. He also uncovered the truth that his wife had been deceiving him all along, and the children she gave birth to were not his, but rather his brother's. Unknown to him, his brother had been seeking revenge on him for years. Suddenly, Ryan's life brightened as Mr. Carter immediately willed his entire fortune to him. Now, it is time to give Mrs. Carter a taste of her own medicine. Will his foster mother accept this defeat or fight back?

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  • Lotanna


    I love the fact that the twists in this book will keep you pinned till the very end.

    2023-07-06 19:36:07
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Chapter 1: Misunderstanding
"You always misunderstand me!" Mr. Carter yelled. "I never said we shouldn't wait for God's timing. I'm only suggesting that we consider adopting a child for now. An adopted child is still our child! Don't you see?""Well, I'm not bringing another child into this house!" Anna, Mr. Carter's wife, clapped back immediately."My time will come when God decides to bless me too. I believe I can conceive and deliver safely, just like other women out there. I refuse to accept that adoption is my only option."Mr. Carter had been married to Anna for three years now, but they still haven't had a child of their own. However, they were blessed with every good thing in life, from numerous estates as assets to luxurious cars, name it! But luck hasn't been on their side in the issue of children.There is a saying that a man can never have fame, riches, and happiness at the same time. Well, that was the same in Mr. Carter's case. He had fame and money, but he was never happy."Babe," Anna teased her
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Chapter 2: The Adoption
It was a radiant Thursday morning, the first day of the new year. The gentle breeze caressed the surroundings, while the trees swayed joyfully. It was as though the atmosphere seemed elated for the arrival of a new child.Mr. Carter woke up with a sense of anticipation and happiness. He eagerly looked forward to meeting his new child. He promptly reached for his phone and dialed the orphanage to remind them of his visit."Sir, how could we possibly forget such an esteemed adopter like yourself?" The caregiver, Kate, praised him."We have reserved the most well-behaved children for you. All you need to do is make your choice, and we'll do everything in our power to fulfill your wishes," Kate pushed further.She had to convince him so he wouldn't call off his appointment like he did the last time.This wasn't the first time the Carters were trying to adopt a child. The first time they tried it, Anna put up a scene threatening to commit suicide if a child of unknown identity comes into t
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Chapter 3: The Abuse
It was scarcely 5 am when Ryan abruptly jolted awake, jolted by the harsh canes striking his back. "Who educated you? Did your mentors at the orphanage not instruct you to rise before 4 am?"Ryan could barely utter a word, as he still wasn't able to understand what was going on."I am asking you, you wretched child," Anna sneered and struck him again."Now listen attentively to me, you little brat. This is not your maternal or paternal abode. If you wanted to misbehave, then maybe you should have died along with your parents. But you don't come to my house, enjoy my shelter and clothing, and still feel you can wake up anytime you want to. Understood!?" she screamed.Ryan was just at one corner, overcome with fear and sobbing uncontrollably from the pains of the strokes of the cane."We merely plucked you from that orphanage to offer you assistance," Anna declared sternly. "You ought to be exceedingly grateful! Now get out of that bed immediately," she commanded, this time with so much
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Chapter 4: The setup
After being scolded by her husband, Anna decided she wouldn't hit Ryan at home anymore. "I can't do anything to provoke this old fool further before he involves the police," she thought to herself. "But I have a better plan. This time, it won't be traced back to me."She quickly went upstairs to Mr. Carter's bedroom."Ryan needs to start going to school. I don't want him to be idle at home. Let him go and experience what being in a school feels like. What do you think?" Anna asked her husband as she entered his room."Good suggestion," Mr. Carter replied. "Oh honey, I'm proud of you. You should be thinking good for our child, not transferring aggression to a little boy.""I'll make a few calls tonight, pay the school bills, and help you get everything arranged. But please do not order a guard to take him to his new school as it will be his first day at school. Take him there yourself. Okay? You know these things mean a lot to children. I would have gone with you, but I will be attendi
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Chapter 5: Death
Andrew and Andre, please stay away from those castor oil plants. They can be harmful to you. "Oh, my goodness! Ryan! Ryan! Where is that useless human being?" Anna shouted with anger. Ryan quickly came running, and as soon as he reached, he received a scorching slap from her."Aren't you supposed to be looking after my children? Or do you want them to die just like your parents?" she questioned him."I'm so sorry, Mom," he replied, and she slapped him again. "This should be the last time you ever call me 'Mom,' understood? Both of your parents are dead, and the funny thing is, they must have been thieves too. Who knows if they were killed for their theft?" she jeered."Now take my children inside the house before I kill you with my bare hands!" she said and went back to doing her nails."What a life! It has been an immense burden for me, especially since the birth of my twin brothers, Andrew and Andre, who are the biological children of the Carters. I wished I stayed back at the orpha
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Chapter 6: The will
The news of Mr. Carter's death spread like wildfire. It was in the blogs, the news channels, and even on the radio. Mr. Carter's rivals were very happy to hear that their greatest competitor was dead. Distant friends and families came to pay their condolence visit.Anna wasn't having it at all. She had been screaming and crying for over an hour. "What will happen to my twins? Who will be their father?" She kept asking these questions while crying profusely. She had to put up a scene because she didn't want it to be obvious that she was happy with the turnout of events. Ryan, on the other hand, felt a strange mix of emotions. Confusion, sorrow, and guilt engulfed him. "Maybe I am the cause of this death," he thought to himself. "Ever since I stepped foot into this family, they have never been happy."He came close and tried to console Anna, but she pushed him so hard he regretted going close in the first place. "You should have died, why did you survive this wizard? You should have die
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Chapter 7: He is now a boss?
"What! What did I just hear?" Anna shouted in shock. She was totally confused; she had to pinch herself to be sure she wasn't dreaming or something. Every single person present at the hearing was in shock and already murmuring, but it was nothing compared to Anna's shock and displeasure.Furious and bewildered, Anna immediately confronted the lawyer. "What kind of sick prank is this?" she snapped, looking both angry and shocked. "Look, I don't have time for jokes and pranks so cut the nonsense!" Anna's face turned red with anger. "Now, will you hand me those documents before I lose my temper?" she yelled while rushing at the lawyer like an erupting volcano, grabbing the documents he was holding.As she scanned the will repeatedly, he eyes fixated on the signature below it. The realization struck her like a bolt of lightning. "You liar!" she shouted storming towards the lawyer. "How dare you fabricate lies about my deceased husband? How can you expect me to believe that my late husb
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