Chapter 9

Just as Bon told me I covered my entire body in flames but it wasn’t for long. In just three I could barely feel any strength in my body.

“Stop, now I want you to walk towards me.”

I tried to do as he said but I fell straight to the ground.

“That’s about how long you can use magic until you lose strength in your body, as you are now at least. You haven’t used all of your magic supply but your body isn’t used to using magic so of course it wouldn’t be able to handle using magic for a long time without any training.”

“It’s just like people training their muscles to be stronger, you have to keep training yourself to be able to use magic for longer amounts of time. It will be easy at the start to increase the time you can use magic but it gets harder to increase the time as you go on.

“Also this doesn’t mean that you can only use magic for only three minutes. That depends on what part of your body is being used to produce magic. If you use your arms to produce magic it will tire out that part of your body.”

“It’s basically the same concept as working out your muscles. The more you workout one part of your body, the longer you will be able to use magic in that part of your body.”

“Ok I understand what you’re saying but do you mind moving my body so I’m facing up at least?”

“No, I want you to try and get up on your own. You're still able to use magic even if you can’t move your body, so just use it to flip yourself over if you want. If you are unable to do that then you’ll just have to wait until you can move again.”

If I can’t do something as simple as flipping my body over then I would be in trouble. I guess ice magic would be the most effective for this task.

Fran used his ice magic to create a pillar of ice from the front of his face pushing his body away from the ground until he fell on his back.

“See, that wasn’t too hard was it? But I wouldn’t recommend you to detach yourself from your ice magic yet since it would come back to fall on you.”

“I’m aware of that.”

“Well since you can’t move right now I should tell you about the last thing you should know. You’ve probably noticed already but you can only release magic from your body. Unless I forgot something, that is all the knowledge I have about magic so the rest will just be basic training for you to control your magic.”


“Once you get up, be ready because we’ll be resuming your training.”

Fran gets up and they continue to train until nightfall.

“Thanks for the training today. I'll be heading out now.”

“Why don’t you stay over tonight? It will be more convenient if you stay here during your training.”

“I’ll pass, I’ve already paid for my inn in advance and I don’t want to be in any more debt to you than I already am.”

“Oh … I see, that’s fine then.”

“Goodnight Bon.”


Fran is on his way back to the inn.

While Bon did have a point that it would be beneficial to stay at his place instead, I couldn't stay there in order to have more chances to be around Hana. I can’t just let her go yet as I’ve grown curious about her. As for Bon I have some curiosity about him as well but I’ll have plenty of time to come up with answers.

For now I need to uncover why Hana feels strange to me.

He arrives at the inn and Hana is at her desk.

“Hey Hana, are you still working?”

“Ya, I will be working until midnight.”

“That’s a shame I was going to invite you to dinner but I guess you can’t if you’re still working.”

“Sorry about that I do want to go eat with you but I usually have long hours to work. Although I have asked for less hours, soon enough I’ll have more free time.”

“That’s good, let me know if you want to hangout when you have more spare time.”

With an embarrassed smile. “I will.”

“Ok. Well I should be going now. I shouldn't bother you when you’re working. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Fran.”

Fran goes to his room and lays on his bed. 

After learning the basics of magic from Bon I might change my mind and pick him as the one I kill. It will serve as a good way to evaluate my skills after my month of training. If I can’t kill him, how would I expect to survive once I leave?

Until the time comes I’ll spend my time learning magic and finding out more things about Hana and Bon until I’m satisfied. 

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Let me know what you thought about the chapter. Sorry about the chapter being short it didn’t end up being as long as I originally thought. If there was any spelling mistakes or if anything didn’t make sense I’d appreciate if you pointed it out so I can fix it.

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