"AAAAAAAAAH" Sky releases his grip towards his thread and let it float in the air just so he could cover his ears. This bitch...Sky kicked to the ground and with him was the thread who moved in what he thought it would go. That quite made the two taken aback because when they were about to move, the thread rushes towards them and they both got wounded over their ankles. A quake was made when they landed on the corpse filled land mixed with murky substances that Melody and Sky avoided to get to them. They tried to stand but the moment they put forced into their limbs, they fall again like bridge in a famous song in his past world. 

Sky and Melody looked at one another before they giggled like little kids over their bully friends. 

"Are you satisfied or should I make them suffer more?" He whispered to Melody who looked at him with glistening eyes and nodded his head until it hurts and that made Sky chuckled and put his hand over

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