Ah-as (2)

A long silence had engulped them.

Sky was staring to vast nothingness with his enhanced eyes. 

Is what he did the right thing? Or is it something he had done out of his whim? His silence is eating him and seeing that the earlier snarl and growl of monsters below them are nothing now, it seems like he completely eradicated them. He took a breath and his lungs ballooned before it deflated after releasing the air he caged in for a while. Is it from relief? A sigh of guilt? But what robbed him of his thoughts was when Melody flew high on top of his head and patted it with a smile that could cure a broken heart. 

Why would he succumbed to such weakness and thoughts? He made the action knowing full well what he needed to take consequences of. So why is he drowning into thoughts that had already given an answer already? Sky chuckled that made Melody giggled as well for mistooking it because of what he did but partiall

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