Death Scent (4)

Merkel Forest, Merkel Town.

Face with horrors and agape mouth, Catherine couldn’t make a decision if she’ll cry in despair, fume in anger or laugh from the diverse emotion she is being fed with. Timothy on the other hand, is not moving an inch, his hands on his side and his face neutral. But his eyes were more dynamic.

“W-whaa….what…have…you…done?! Whaa--!!” She moved closer to the body of her son. She dipped her finger over his blood and her emotions paused, eyes widen and then again like being high on ecstasy. Her face distorted and a maniac laugh came out of her mouth.

“Ohhh---true bliss! The sweetness and savor….truly marvelous! I should thank you rather hate, Anthony…for opening my eyes to such delectable dish!” she wanted to shake hands with Anthony but the child refuses and readied his thread.

“Where is my uncl

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