❝Unusual place and rusting feeling. The body feels like it has been a long years before it got to feel ᅳgot the consciousness to be aware of what's going on around. Tried to lift a finger but cannot. It seems like it become numb through the years without moving. Murmurs are drifting around but couldn't comprehend it clearly. When tried to focus and listen, got pulled away from the front seat. Like the first time, one question remain as it is. 

"Why am I here? ❞


Huffs and pants. A juggling feeling like being shaken woken up the senses Cygne has. First thing he had realized that he's awake, a tremendous pain in the body and mind assaulted him. It's different from ordinary migraine or hang over. It's more painful than vertigo. An urge to vomit is slowly building up in his system from the harsh actions. Profanities flooding his head like the usual shi

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