Five year

The birds are chirping under the shade of an old oak tree outside the window from Cygne’s room. The afternoon spring air was quite humid and it caresses his cheeks and his hair that had gone quite long since he has been unconscious. It has been a week since he opened his eyes and he was dumbfounded to learn a lot that had happened. The king had died and the young crown prince erected to the throne last three years ago. The South Border was in the verge of collapse when the previous head was gravely injured during the last invasion of foreign creatures that want to come inside the Skyscraper. There is a new rising hero group that said to be supported by the empire’s crown prince.  The issue about the murderers who once again harvested a lot of lives in the West at the Tracy territory was the other mission of the said hero group beside the subjugation of the Demon King. The duchess Tracy had said to be investigating and strengthening their surveillance and security. &

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