The surrounding air has a humid temperature that turns warmer the more you are exposed to it. There seems like gases mixed to it as well that is making it hurt in a very slow pace. Although looks like in a withered state, the brownish color of the bushes and some trees are the mutation effect upon being expose to this kind of chemical. They don’t know what to call it yet and to what extent it will evolve or harm the people. That is why the group of people volunteered to reside in here is continuously finding out why. It might look like the kingdom has already let go of their hand toward these people but they went into this desolated and isolated place on their own accord without any influence from other people. At least that is what Matt knows and he believes that is true. He is in a very good mood right now upon crossing path to this interesting fellow.

At first, he just wanted to tease him. He never thought that he is this e

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