God of Eternal Night (2)

Unknown space, undetected. 

The atmosphere looming inside the grandiose hall was no joke. The pressure were multiplied in many folds that make Cygne tremble hard. It is not because of cowardice but the natural instinct of the body he was in. 

A cat that resembled a fox was shining brightly with blue hues and serenity of the night appeared into thin air and... was kowtowing in front of the God of the Eternal Night, Hades. 

The waves of power coming from the shuddering body of Moonlight was making Cygne gasping for air because of the tension and pressure it's giving to his body. It's a lot weaker than the one who's sitting on the throne but Cygne still find it difficult to breathe in. 

According to the ancient records, many version were created to spread popularity and prestige to the one God governing the death. Among them was what the human most likely to refer to, the God of Eternal Night, Hades. The perfect image Cygne has in mind. He's aloof yet exuding ferocious power that hunts the prey he locked his eyes on to. His power was even greater. Eerie and serene. Calm yet dangerous. He's like the calm before the storm. 

Seeing that the Hades was looking seriously to the headache Moonlight, Cygne was having a lot of thoughts while his body was still shivering hard and a drool coming out of his mouth. Hades noticed this and expanded his aura to where Cygne was hunching to protect him from the impact of Moonlight's power. 

Cygne looked up as his body slowly calmed down with a dumbfounded face. He is amazed and frighten. If happens to be that this God has an awful character and a very little patience then who knows? He might already been at the lake to the afterlife. His thinking was interrupted by Moonlight's tantrum. 

「"Your majesty... Hiik! I'm sorry! I-I didn't! Oh! Spare me!"」

「"You little fool! Who said you can deal with souls? You want to die?"」

「"N-ooo! I wouldn't dare---"」


Clashes of aura resounded inside the dome or more likely to be Hades beating up Moonlight one sidedly. The thunderous roar made thousand of lightning outside the dome as streaks of light brightened the place like the sun risen in this land for a moment. Cygne tidied himself, wiping his drool and standing up with a woobly knees. 

At that moment, Moonlight's eyes fell onto Cygne. It's golden red vertical slit retracted into the smallest as it glowed blue. 

Afterwards, killing intent flowed out of him but quickly broken by Hades releasing his authority. Immediately a loud noise was heard as Moonlight's body was flung left to right repeatedly like a pendulum. The brutal and barbaric action was made without having to lift a finger or bathing an eye. That's how powerful Hades is. His eyes were fixated on Cygne that meets his without trembling anymore. 

「"Lyxander Guilts. You are at fault as well. You abandoned your world."」

"I'm no longer needed there."

「"How would you say so?"」

"That's... New sprouts needs some time to shine."

Cygne, no, Lysander Guilts smiled as if he had reached the peak of his life that made Hades frown. 

「"Then why did you wishes to be taken away in expense of your life?"」

"Oh? That? To have the time of my life. I thought by doing so, I'll be reincarnated into a baby and turn old. I didn't expect to own a body this way."

「"Heh! Although heroic, the probability was too much you can afford thus I put you in Cygne's body! You must be grateful to me!"」

「"Stop being noisy Moonlight or I'll cut that tails of yours."」


Moonlight immediately shut up and his shoulder drooped down with his ears withered but what made Cygne flinched was the vicious words coming from the calm Hadesᅳ

But he is silently cheering for it as well to get back to the scamming bastard. Then he flinched again upon meeting Hades's eyes. 

「"You can't do what you wishes to do but rather I can give you freedom since this stupid cat made an idiotic deal. But you still have to help to balance the good and evil to this world or else it will be fallen like any other worlds."」

Cygne immediately envelops with silence upon hearing Hades. He thought he could have the chance to live his life yet he was transmigrated into another world that needs saving. He couldn't understand his feelings that rousing up from his heart and as if Hades could feel his worries, he spoke up. 

「"You have to kill. You have to judge life. You have to walk the path of darkness. You have to be resolute and firm. That's what I instill in that child's mind and body."」

"I thought you are righteous and calm but I think I judge you wrongly."

「"Oh? How would you say?"」

"You can't just judge life like plucking a flower in your garden who doesn't suits your taste. Everything holds a meaning and, memories are what making them unique. This is something they can call their own that symbolizes their life. That they existed."

「"How dare you lecture me about life?"」

Seems displeasured about the sudden statement, Hades focused his gaze toward Cygne who looked back at him eye to eye. His lips twitched from amusement. It looks like Cygne gained a little immunity from his aura. 

"It is because you higher existences has no feelings that you think of everything with pure rationality. But did this had come to your mind? A small weakness can be your greatest strength. The restrictions and emotions you instilled on humans made them stronger."

「"Sometimes having no emotions can be your greatest defense. Brat, you really has a strong guts huh? I'm impressed. But I can't comply to you not participating to what I laid for that child. The moment you possessed his body, you are obliged to do the things he left."」

Cygne immediately frown while thinking of things that will compromise to his situation right now. Like a light bulb, his face brightened and with a Pon sound made by his fist into his hand he look at Hades with a warm smile. 

"Moonlight scammed me so I should have the rights to refuse my current situation. The original owner of this body ran away because you are so rough on him! But if my selfishness will brought some unknown harm or chains of misfortune I will step up. I'm not that stone hearted person anyway."

「"Good choice. If you stick to being stubborn, I have extracted you out already at that precious body and sent you straight to Tartaros."」

The temperature went down and a chilling sensation wraps Cygne who flinched from the outcome he would be in if he didn't comply to the God. Although he is not aware of what it is like, by basing it to the legends he knew, he got an inkling what place it is. 

Tartaros was a place to all criminals and souls or beings who did something unjust or affected the peace of the universe. Anyway, after all, it's a God he is talking with. Even though he was a hero, a God was far from his capabilities to go against with ᅳ battle and power wise at the least. 

Moonlight who got no permission to butt in was filled with amusement and curiosity at Cygne or more accurately, Lysander. That overwhelming confidence and lack of fear was something that caught him and to be able to talk with his God, Hades, to an equal like a friend talking about the latest released of their favorite game was astonishing that made his ears perk up and tails waggling from excitement. 

"But I won't completely do everything you wishes. This is my new life afterall. I wish to live the way I want it as well but I won't neglect the fact that this body have a role to attend to. If you may, can you explain it thoroughly so I would grasps the extent I needed to be in?"

It's like a switch from casual talking to noble manner, Cygne flawlessly ask Hades to brief him more about the things he should do and what state he is in. It's more like demanding him in a respectful way. 

Hades didn't retract his chilling aura and started talking about the responsibility he made for the original owner of the body to carry. 

「"As I said, I designed a path for that child to maintain the balance of this world. If it didn't go as planned, the balance will be lost and the world will fall to chaos. What a clichè isn't it? You ran away from your world who gave you the duty for salvation and yet you come to this world just to do some heroic deed but not to give you hope. This time you'll be the villain instead. You are given a cruel ending as if a duty befitting of the lineage serving me."」

"What the.... Being a villain will attract unneeded enemies. No. Not going to happen. And is that really you have to be proud of? You are leading your followers to doom!"

「"Ahem! What is more fulfilling reward than welcoming death with eternal freedom?"」

"I don't know if you are being driven at this by your lack of empathy or what but to us death was something frightening but yes not to deny it, it's truly fulfilling..... to some. ᅳ I'll not be a villain. I'll be handling things in the dark while living my life. I stick to my words so you don't have to worry that this world will meet its end. Because this will be the world I'll be living in from now."

With eyes full of determination, Hades didn't reply immediately. Instead, he sighed a long one before looking at Cygne with tired eyes. 

「"It is my fault for pushing everything to that child and giving a duty of being the bad guy. But that was what everyone perceives when they heard death. Even if I regret it right now, there's no turning back time. It's a irrevocable rule that mustn't be broken. But, Lysander Guilts, I shall give you the fate of the world as someone who owns the body of my greatest child that called as Grim Reaper. I beg you, save this world."」

With a gentle apologetic smile, Hades truthfully relayed his true feelings that made Cygne smiled in return. Although this God has a very short temper and sly personality, he still care for this world and habitants. Cygne could not help to think that this God was not being true with his feeling and as to not embarrassed him, he silently nod to answer this responsibility given to him.

「"Heeey! Is that mean I'm okay to go now?"」

Moonlight who was being ignored bravely asked that made Hades turned his head at him to focus his killing intent that made Moonlight faint with foam coming from his mouth which Cygne just shrug about thinking that it was what Moonlight deserves. 

「"Ahem. Thank you for complying and I'll take your request as compensation to Moonlight's action. I'll also give you gifts and someone to support you as to show my favorable affection towards you, as a child of the God of Eternal Night. We'll meet again in the future and I hope by then, it was not your end I will see. Farewell. May the Peace of the Night embraces you." 」

Before Cygne could reply, his body became heavier and he feel so sleepy then his vision turn black. 

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